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What Others Are Saying About Suzanne E. Harrill

My name is Stephen Lamber. I am 71 years old. Retired Vietnam veteran. Married for 46 years with 4 grown children. I am going to try to Express my feeling about a book I’ve just read called, Wake Up. Your Body Is Telling You Something by Suzanne. Harrill. After reading the book I waited a few days, put it down, thought about it, and then went back and reread it again. Many of my feelings and thoughts I was aware of. But I never really saw them put in print the way she did just starting out in the first chapter, Awakening. This is something that I really needed. I had suppressed my thoughts and feelings about Vietnam for over 52 years and told my friends and my wife and my children don’t ask. I just would never want to talk about them before now. This book allowed me to open my mind and my feelings and my thoughts and I have finally begun to let my family, my children and my wife know why. Now I’m able to talk about and express what I experienced in Vietnam.

Chapter 5 is about inner work and exploring strategies for self-healing. This chapter really, really allowed me to dip deep into my inner spiritual feelings and practice some things for self-care and to get my true needs met that I have never been able to before today. Then I began to work on building my self-esteem and myself. I began releasing my trapped emotions, this really gave me an inner feeling that I haven’t experienced ever. I slowly began working on releasing my trapped emotions. The emotional health in my body needed to be released and by doing some of the steps in some of the procedures she visited in her book allowed me to do this with my wife and children.

On page 62 she talks about starting your day in a new way. On this page I learned that unexpressed emotions held in the body contribute to pain and illness. I read it several times and analyzed it and learned how to nurture the day and where my attention needs to be; basically, looking at it so differently than I ever have in my life. It’s very, very enlightening and eye-opening to be able to see this in print and then be able to practice it. I feel that now so much of my pain and illness are gone. It’s hard for me to find the words to express my true feelings now.


You are one of the most loving, present and engaging people I've ever know who is dedicated to your mission of bring self-esteem and love to every soul who is even slightly open to letting in anything new with which to grow.


If you want to awaken, Suzanne's books are a must!


As a person and a therapist you have an exceptionally probing, thoughtful and insightful mind, evolving from your life experiences a daughter, mother, wife, sister, therapist, and friend. You recognize and celebrate that the ordinary is not ordinary...i.e., that every person is extraordinary and perfect and deserving to be valued. This operationalizes in great creativity in your problem-solving with individuals, because you help them see and believe in their own power and potential; and, in their own abilities to address and resolve what is causing pain in their lives and holding them back.


I find it interesting how you manage to combine being a global businessman's wife with running your business. The way you set yourself up virtually without support and making a success of it.


You're a non-judgmental observer of human nature who is able to help people find their own truth.


Suzanne is unassuming and down-to-earth. Everyon feels loved and respected in her presence. She makes your problems her problems, but, additionally, offers well-grounded solutions.


When I watch both Gary Zukav and Phil McGraw on "Oprah" I think Suzanne Harrill's understanding and teaching would be comparable to their level of awareness and help. I think she is very skilled at getting to the heart of an issue that needs healing and gently leading one towards the place of understanding for oneself.


You are passionate about every aspect of your life, especially work and family. You care so much about everyone including people that you don't know You are always willing to help in any way that you can.


Suzanne is one of those rare individuals who can speak truth in a non-treatening way. This makes her an exceptional teacher.


I would say, she's a perfect sister who "walks her talk" in real life, as well as in her books!


You have many interesting insights into how humans relate to and deal with others. You are an accomplished author on the subject of self-esteem and have identified the real perils of having low self-esteem, as well as created workshops to help others identify these low self-esteem patterns and how to deal with them.


You view the world in a very real, unpretentious way. Your approach to dealing with others is fresh and classic all at the same time. You look for and relate to others on a very spiritual level, which enhances the relationships in your life and empowers those around you.