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The Harrill Solution

Learn to create the relationships you deserve and discover ways to transform your current relationships. How? Build self-awareness; use challenging relationships to see and heal your own issues, discover your spiritual purpose. If you are single and seeking a new relationship, married and wish you weren't, want to upgrade a stuck-in-a rut relationship, or want to be happy without a relationship, the solution in each scenario is the same. Become the person you always wanted to marry.

This comprehensive, how-to book teaches ways to know self, to use challenging situations to mirror your own lessons, to help heal an estranged relationship, or to transform a traditional relationship into a self-actualizing, enlightened one. There are secrets for everyone -- if single, there are dating-tips, if ready to divorce, learn the difference between completing versus avoiding lessons, or if with a life partner, discover how to create a long-term, conscious relationship.

The Harrill Solution -- Secrets of Successful Relationships Revealed | ISBN 978-1-883648-42-8 | Click to Read Reviews

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Free Audio. Self-Esteem: Be Your True Self

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Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself: Cultivating the Garden of Your Mind Day by Day

Daily affirmation book to build self-acceptance, self-esteem, and spiritual wholeness. Psychological and spiritual truths to help guide you on your inner journey whether new to self-discovery or a seasoned traveler. Foreword by renown author, John Randolph Price.

Includes Self-Esteem Awareness Inventory (self-test), Twelve Steps of AA revised for building self-esteem, and more. Concepts to build inner worth and boost spiritual growth are easy-to-understand and apply. A great book that reminds us of our innate goodness which helps us cultivate the garden of our lives.

Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself
ISBN 9-781-883648-16-9 | Click to Read Reviews

Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself


Cracking the Code When Your Body Talks

Expand your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. Learn what your body has to say when it hurts, gets injured, or ill. Pain is a message.

Contribute to your own healing and well-being by learning the language of the body. Grow in self-understanding by listening to the wisdom of your body. Learning to communicate with the body can uncover hurts and traumas that need to be made conscious, understood, forgiven, and integrated into your mind-body system.

Cracking the Code When Your Body Talks
ISBN: 978-1-883648-45-9

Cracking the Code


Enlightening Cinderella Beyond the Prince Charming Fantasy

Cinderella, ten years after, sits crying in the castle garden because she is not living happily ever after and doubts if Prince Charming is her soulmate after all. To her surprise Fairy Godmother reappears and the two have a series of meetings where Cinderella learns many truths about herself and relationships. Charming joins them for some of the sessions. The story has two endings.

Fairy Godmother explains the stages of relationships, that romantic love is not a good predictor of long term mature love, the real purpose of relationships, how to build personal power, and learn communication skills. Included are exercises and journal questions, which the reader is encouraged to do along with Cinderella. Find out how Cinderella learns to live happily ever after with or without the prince.

Enlightening Cinderella Beyond the Prince Charming Fantasy
138 pages | ISBN 1-899171-58-4 | Click to Read Reviews

Enlightening Cinderella

Inner Fitness For Creating a Better You: Six Lessons for Building Greater Awareness, High Self-Esteem, Good Relationships, and Spiritual Meaning

An inspiring and easy-to-understand course for self-study or for a group leader to facilitate groups. The manual is full of exercises and helpful, simple handouts to build awareness and to encourage you to change your life. It begins with the foundation of your life, your self-esteem. There is information about your family of origin, relationships, communication, codependency, and how to find deeper meaning and purpose. Included in the appendix is a deck of relationship-building cards to photocopy and cut out, to help couples wanting to build intimacy. This course is full of helpful information -- affirmations, journal questions, and worksheets.

Inner Fitness For Creating a Better You
ISBN 1-883648-12-2 (E-Book) | Click to Read Reviews

Inner Fitness

Empowering You to Love Yourself (Revised Edition)

Self-esteem is the foundation of your life. Learn ways to rebuild a solid foundation of healthy self-esteem, how to stop needing others to build you up, and how to get your self-worth from within yourself. As you make this change to an internal sense of validation, you will find it easier to make wiser choices that support you, follow through with your goals for self-improvement, and take positive risks to build a future that will please you. Learn to stop struggling with self-blame and criticism, overreacting to others and life situations, and to take responsibility for feeling good about yourself. Work with updating your limiting beliefs and self-talk, learn the 8 keys to building self-esteem, and how to work with affirmations.

ISBN 1-883648-01-7 (Original) | ISBN 978-1883648-32-9 (Revised) | Click to Read Reviews

Empowering You to Love Yourself

Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem

An easy-to-read, practical self-help book for adolescents. It is a simple guide helping youth learn to become their own best friend, override negative self-talk, and have a belief system that encourages personal responsibility. Great for parents, teachers, and counselors. Topics include: easy ways to identify thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of low self-esteem, 8 principles of self-esteem, 40 affirmations, teen self-esteem awareness indicator, dating tips, and journal questions for peer pressure.

Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem
97 pages | ISBN 1-883648-04-1 | Click to Read Reviews

Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem

Simple Secrets for Building Self-Esteem and Finding Your True Self

Be inspired to build a solid foundation of self-esteem, which will improve the quality of your relationships, increase satisfaction with your career, and deepen the meaning and purpose of your life. Learn ways to accept and understand yourself and feel your innate worth and goodness. Discover how to do the inner work necessary to know your true nature.

Simple Secrets for Building Self-Esteem and Finding Your True Self
Click to Read Reviews

"A quick read that is very deep and powerful. If new to self-discovery, you will find a guide to show you how to love and know yourself. If a seasoned traveler, you will find helpful reminders to awaken further. I loved it!" "As I began reading I expected definitions, but instead got carried into a healing sense of who I am. Everyone will benefit from this simple book." Nancy Moonstarr, Ph.D

Simple Secrets for Building Self-Esteem

I Am a Star: My Building High Self-Esteem Book

Young children love this colorful affirmation book with star graphics and its small size. These easy-to-read, rainbow-colored pages are great for building reading skills. Included is the Children's Self-Esteem Indicator and lists of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of low self-esteem. Children are encouraged to tape record the affirmations so they can play it back to themselves. For children ages 2-9.

I Am A Star Book
65 pages | ISBN 09625996-3-8

I Am A Star Book