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The Harrill Solution -- Secrets of Successful Relationships Revealed

A Ray of Hope for Relationships

"Relationships are a major topic of conversation in both public and private circles. There are books, articles, seminars, websites, TV specials, and social events where men and women get together to discuss relationship issues. Unfortunately most people come away from these sessions just as unfulfilled as when they entered. The problems are discussed but rarely are solutions offered. Fortunately there are those courageous souls who answer the challenge of not only discussing the problems but offering concrete solutions. One such individual is Suzanne E. Harrill, M.Ed.

The Harrill Solution -- Secrets of Successful Relationships Revealed is a very solution oriented book. It is not one of those trite books that advises a reader to engage in manipulative tactics or make superficial changes. The Harrill Solution requires a person to really do some major inner work in order to be optimally prepared for relationships. There are three components to The Harrill Solution. The first component involves a person first developing a strong relationship with their self. Too often people behave as if they need to change the behavior of the people around them. The Harrill Solution instructs the reader to focus on the person in the mirror. This is the foundation of any relationship.

Once the foundation is established, The Harrill Solution then provides methods in which a person can improve their relationships with other people. This is not only in terms of romantic relationships but also our relationships with family and friends as well.

The final component of The Harrill Solution instructs the reader on how to build a relationship with their spiritual self. This is very important. In most public and private conversations about relationships the role of spirit is rarely discussed. Often there is a conflict between a person's conscious desires and their spiritual needs. A person's spirit knows whether someone is compatible or not for a relationship. Unfortunately the average person doesn't pay attention to the messages sent by spirit. The Harrill Solution provides methods for a person to employ in order to strengthen their relationship with their spiritual self.

In a time of much dismay and feelings powerlessness regarding interpersonal relationships, The Harrill Solution is a must read book that provides a ray of hope."

-- Rom Wills is the author of Nice Guys and Players and Sexual Chemistry

"I have always appreciated the individuals in the world who "walk their talk". Suzanne Harrill is most definitely one of those. The wisdom she puts into words is reflected in her own life. She KNOWS how to create and maintain successful relationships. I personally have seen her great relationships -- with her husband, her family, her friends, and her business colleagues. And because she is an exceptionally fine writer, these "secrets" are easy to comprehend; her method is straightforward; and those who read her books and then do the work will achieve the outcome they seek.

I believe we ALL want better relationships, no matter how good ours may be. I recommend that you read this book, and then take a look, as well, at her OTHER books. For years, Suzanne Harrill has been assisting her readers in creating remarkable results. What more could an author aspire to? Start reading this book now: by the time you finish, I can promise you, each one of your relationships will benefit from The Harrill Solution."

-- Mary Manin Morrissey, Bestselling author of, The Miracle Minute, No Less Than Greatness, and Building Your Field of Dreams

"Suzanne Harrill hits a home run with this book on relationships. The first chapter alone equates to what might be gained in a series of therapy sessions.

This is a well rounded body of powerful, practical teachings, formulas and exercises to help awaken and shift any person relationally."

-- Howard Ceasar, Senior Minister Unity Church, Houston, TX, Many CD's for Spiritual Unfoldment.

"Suzanne Harrill is an incredible author and teacher. Her book, The Harrill Solution: Secrets of Successful Relationships Revealed is a wonderful and easy read to connect you to you! It doesn't get better than this; to be connected to yourself so you know what is important to you and ultimately to your relationships. I highly recommend reading this book if you are wanting to improve the quality of the relationships in your life."

-- Steve Viglione, Founder, Author, CEO The I AM Foundation

"Ancient Wisdom tells us to know and love ourselves, which then positively changes our world and those we meet along the way. This is the secret process of THE HARRILL SOLUTION by Suzanne E. Harrill. It is a masterful book with creative choices and solutions for all forms of relationships. Highly recommended."

-- John Randolph Price, Bestselling author and Chairman of the Quartus Foundation

"Suzanne has a beautiful way of outlining and describing the steps for healthy relationships."

"Suzanne's chapter on Transforming Codependency" clarifies how dysfunction is so easily created through the family dynamics -- how to make new choices for self empowerment and thus co-empowerment."

"I love Suzanne's natural, easy style of sharing information, stories, examples and solutions for having a healthy relationships with yourself that will results in healthy relationships with others."

-- Donna Tyler, Author of Power Networking, People Power, and Professional Networking for Dummies

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Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself

"Suzanne is one of those practical professional counselors who blends intellectual expertise and spiritual understanding with the meaningful personal experience of life. In Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself, she takes us on a full year's course of New Beginnings -- with delightful seeds thoughts to plant in the garden of mind to change the way we think, to change our beliefs, thus changing our lives."
John Randolph Price
Author of Super Beings and Angels Within Us

"Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself" is excellent! It contains the seeds to change your self-esteem from an external to an internal sense of control. "Seed Thoughts" belongs on everyone's night table! ... Suzanne is one of the most knowledgeable in her field and a superior writer with the ability to get her easy-to-understand thoughts from the reader's mind into the reader's heart."
Richard Fuller
Metaphysical Reviews

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Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem

"The book, Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem, really helped me when I was at a low point. It helped me get back on track with my thinking and gave me more power and energy. After reading this book I felt more positive and happy."
Adam Loewenheim, age 15

"This book contains everything that I have ever felt. It helped me to better understand myself and to make positive changes in my life. I didn't realize that I was coming from low self-esteem when I put other people down to make myself feel better. I think everyone should read the dating tips section. I agree with the ideas that most people confuse codependency with love. These tips will help me look at things in the future more carefully."
Amy Davison, age 16

"Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem gave me a grasp of how to deal with my family better. I read it at the time my parents were going through a divorce. I also learned to think about myself and my feelings when I am in a new relationship with a guy. It is not a good idea to depend totally on a guy for everything. This book makes me think about being more independent and not to get too attached too soon."
Jamie Rinkoff, age 16

"This book taught me what I did not know about myself. I learned that I'm going to be okay no matter what, that on one can take away what you have inside of you. I also learned there are different parts of me inside that have different feelings. I recommend this book to other teenagers because it explains things we were never taught. It takes over where everyone else leaves off."
Christine Snitzer, age 18

"This is a very good book about believing in yourself. It changes the way you think about things. It makes you think about what you are doing before you do them. I learned that mistakes can not ruin my life and that only I can make changes when I make a mistake. I learned also, that setting goals and achieving them can build self-esteem."
Travis Starnes, age 12

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Enlightening Cinderella


Book review by Anita Bentata of Enlightening Cinderella

"Enlightening Cinderella is the most helpful and well written of books in this genre. A friend, who lectures in Engineering and conducts highly sophisticated research, was recently 'abandoned' by his wife of 25 years and devastated."He borrowed a number of self-help books in an effort to comprehend his dilemma and yours was the only one he found to satisfy his enquiring mind. It is so clear and packed with sensible and intelligent revelations. Thank you most sincerely from both of us."
Marjorie Allen

"I found myself feeling joyful and inspired while reading this story and believe women -- especially those that married young -- can benefit from reading it. The Prince Charming fantasy is real for many of us. All long-term relationships must evolve for us to live a fulfilling life as an individual spiritual being in-relation to others. Once the initial blush of getting to know each other runs its course, most people have no idea where to go next or what to do. This book guides you through the process of self-exploration with caring and gentleness and does it with no judgments or blame."
Loretta Lewis

From Emerging Lifestyles, fall issue 2002

by Ann T. Johnston

I have known Suzanne Harrill (who I affectionately call "Mom") for almost sixteen years. As a former client, I experienced firsthand the transformation described in her magical allegory, Enlightening Cinderella. Little did I realize the added joy I would feel as I re-lived the amazing growth Suzanne's teachings facilitated while writing this review. So, to my friend Suzanne, my real-life "fairy godmother", I express love and gratitude for the enduring wisdom you continue to offer.

Who should read this book? It is a must, I think, for all women who believe they can find happiness outside themselves -- through their husbands, their children or other relationships. Using the myth of Cinderella, Suzanne helps us see that the wholeness and fulfillment we are seeking will ultimately be found inside ourselves. "Because events and conditions in our relationships are a reflection of what is conscious and unconscious inside of us, relationships teach us about ourselves". This is one of the books most insightful messages. It is also its greatest source of hope. When we appreciate that the conflicts in our lives help us heal our past and we embrace them consciously, these conflicts become a great resource for self-change and empowerment.

Ultimately, Enlightening Cinderella is a book about growing into wholeness. We come to understand that what most of us were taught to think about ourselves in childhood is simply not true. By studying our reflection in the mirrors provided by our significant others, we discover and discard the limiting beliefs of our early conditioning and come to know (and love) ourselves for the first time. At a time of such rampant personal and global strife, the path to peace and reconciliation this book offers is both profound and simple. We must remove the projections which cause us to blame others for dynamics we have helped co-create. Only by accepting responsibility for the relationship problems we have co-created can we begin to listen to and understand each other, and thereby break the cycle of victimization and blame.

Enlightening Cinderella is also a refreshing introduction to the spiritual path for spiritual seekers (who may not know that this is what they are seeking). As Fairy Godmother instructs Cinderella: "soulmate is a term you humans have invented to re-awaken feelings of wholeness and completion in yourselves. Long-term fulfillment comes from discovering your soul's blueprint--which is being exactly who you were created to be".

Suzanne has demonstrated that she is especially gifted in facilitating such "awakenings" (when the student is ready, the teacher appears), and Enlightening Cinderella is a veritable gold mine of self-help tools and self-awareness techniques for the seeker and practitioner alike. The journal questions at the end of each chapter provide a roadmap for the reader to internalize and ground new insights. I especially recommend the material on self-esteem and the self-esteem inventory in Chapter 6. Suzanne literally changed my life when she introduced me to these concepts in 1986 and they continue to inform my life and work. What more life-sustaining gift can we give ourselves or another than the understanding that we are all inherently worthy of self-acceptance and love?

This book will also be extremely valuable to any therapist or professional who deals with issues of conflict in interpersonal relationships. In the late eighties, my husband and I (then engaged and wanting to "do it right") underwent couples counseling with Suzanne. One of the most important set of tools we learned to live were the "rules of fair fighting" (updated and codified) in Chapter 9. These rules have application in all relationships and can be used by educators, counselors and others who have an interest in promoting effective communication skills and conflict resolution techniques in our communities.

Please tell your friends and co-workers about this book! Many will find it to be an invaluable teaching and learning tool.

Ann T. Johnston is an attorney/mediator in Canton, Georgia. She is also founding Director and President of the Center for an Enlightened Humanity, a non-profit organization

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Empowering You to Love Yourself

"Suzanne has created a practical, easy-to-read book to help you build a positive future. Those of you who understand the process of self-healing will use this book to fine tune your ability to change and help yourself live from a strong internal place of awareness. There are many suggestions to help you get to the bottom ol low self-esteem and powerful affirmations to help you build a positive foundation for your life."
Jack Canfield, coauthor Chicken Soup for the Soul

..."We can only heal our present by understanding the past. The charm (and helpfulness) of this book lies in its simplicity and the author's anecdotes about her own recovery. It is not about blame. It's about self-healing and taking responsibility for our own lives. She provides tools to clear away the unwanted patterns that block our true selves, including affirmations, quick questionnaires, and lists of pertinent truths about self-esteem, responsibility, acceptance, and the keys to loving ourselves. Harrill takes some complex psychological concepts and makes them available."
The Bodhi Tree Bookstore

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