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Affirmations for Inner Healing

  1. I am at peace with myself and accept my oneness with all life.
  2. I draw from the wellspring of the Source to fill my heart with love, joy, peace, beauty, and grace. As I fill myself I have more than enough to nourish myself and others.
  3. My wisdom guides me moment by moment to know how to act, how to think, and what to say.
  4. I accept the rhythm of life with its periods of great activity and fellowship with others and its periods of silence and quiet time to be alone.
  5. I feel safe and secure, knowing the greater wisdom of the Universe is always there to listen, comfort, guide, teach, and heal me through meditation and prayer.
  6. As I learn to connect more and more with my true Self, I give up all pain and suffering that I have caused myself by my miscreations. I accept responsibility for my life and see deeper meaning behind all experiences.
  7. I forgive myself for being unaware and for allowing situations to continue that did not support my highest good and spiritual intentions.
  8. I forgive others in order to stop the wounds of the past from coloring the present. I accept the power of Love to heal all pain and suffering so I can extend love to all others, even those whom I choose not to have an active relationship with, that I dislike, or who have hurt me. Current grievances roll off my back like water off a duck.
  9. In my new world nothing is a mistake, everything is of value for the upliftment of my consciousness. I take full responsibility to be the gardener of my life, continually planting new seeds of transformation and pulling the weeds of my miscreations.
  10. Today is a new beginning in consciousness and I use my creative power to draw to me situations and people that help me heal emotionally and spiritually and to actualize my potential.
  11. I rejoice in my new life as I live from the full place of unconditional Love, Light, and Power. I play the hand I was dealt willingly, joyfully, and with awareness. I love myself and appreciate my life.

Read these affirmations before you go to sleep and when you awaken. You can record them, in your own voice, to play for yourself. Add some of your own affirmations.