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How Do You Feel?
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How Do You Feel About Yourself?

Happiness, self-empowerment, satisfaction in work, good relationships, and success are all built on a foundation of healthy self-esteem. High self-esteem is a quiet, comfortable feeling of acceptance and love for yourself -- as you are. It is respecting and valuing yourself as a worthwhile human being, honestly seeing your good and not-so-good qualities, and taking care of and nurturing yourself so you can become all that you are capable of being. High self-esteem is characterized by congruence between inner states (beliefs, feelings, attitudes) and outer states (behaviors, relationships, health). A person with high self-esteem is self-aware, takes responsibility for life choices by being willing to pay consequences both good and bad, and is actualizing her/his potential. She also lives from a place of deep peace with the intention of honoring and respecting self and all others.

Begin improving how you feel about yourself by taking the Harrill Self-Esteem Inventory. It gives feedback where your thinking hurts your self-esteem. Read each of the twenty-five statements to yourself each day. They are affirmations to update limiting beliefs and to build positive self-talk.

Click for the Harrill Self-Esteem Inventory