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Summer 2020


This Month's Issue:

Social Isolating -- An Opportunity to Build Healthier Relationships

By Suzanne E. Harrill

Prayer during the Pandemic

by Sonia Choquette

What to Do When You've Been a Jerk

By Helen Helix


Enlighten Up


Suzanne E. Harrill

Suzanne has a talent for helping others know and accept themselves, solve problems, build good relationships, and grow in consciousness. She easily reflects acceptance and love to others, which encourages them to love themselves. This she does through through telephone consultations, writing, counseling, and speaking. Read the rest of the bio here.

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"Relationships Hold the Keys to Becoming the Person You Always Wanted to Marry"

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Greetings from the Editor:

The Middle Way

Our world today can easily disturb our peace of mind. It is easy to get polarized through emotional reactions to current issues in most directions we look. Take a moment to remember a headline that affected you. It may have added mental and emotional fuel to your opinions and positions on politics, race, economics, and religion. There is another way to live, learning to move out of polarizing positions and finding the middle way or that of being neutral and watching life unfold. Wise decision making is easier from this position.

Buddhist Psychology is helpful in learning this middle way. The Buddha's wisdom has relevance today as it did 2500 years ago. His Four Nobel Truths explained (a) the cause of suffering, (b) the origins of suffering, (c) the cure for suffering, (d) the path that leads to the end of suffering, known as the Noble Eightfold Path. One concept that helps me return to a neutral position when I get polarized with strong opinions or emotions is to remember suffering results from my attachments, including my point of view.

May you receive food for thought as you navigate our changing world.

Love and Blessings,



Personal Growth

Social Isolating -- An Opportunity to Build Healthier Relationships

by Suzanne E. Harrill

Many are challenged with the "Stay at Home, Social Distancing," that blindsided us during the sudden social shift resulting from the covid 19 virus. It forced people to spend time with family members day in and day out. The stress of the new normal allows unhealthy patterns to surface in relationships, whereas in the past people could get a break from issues and avoid problems by visiting friends, going to work, the gym, shopping, or out to eat. I encourage you to meet these challenges and face your problems. Take advantage of this point in time where you have the time to see issues, patterns, habits, beliefs, etc. blocking your relationships...

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Prayer during the Pandemic

by Sonia Choquette

Prayer first and foremost is the way to sit in the lap of our Creator and be loved and reassured at the deepest, most energetic level possible.  Prayer is an opportunity to be filled up. WE do not pray out of desperation or fear, but out of "I get it."  This is where I draw my resource, comfort, guidance....

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Personal Growth

What to Do When You've Been a Jerk

by Helen Helix

No matter how evolved you are, you are not perfect! No matter how evolved you are, you make mistakes. And no matter how Zen you are, you have upsets, just like the rest of us. You get triggered and act like a jerk, just like the next guy. You might not do it often or you might find yourself doing it every single day. Many people do get triggered every single day. What do we do when it happens?

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