Prayer during the Pandemic

by Sonia Choquette

Prayer first and foremost is the way to sit in the lap of our Creator and be loved and reassured at the deepest, most energetic level possible.  Prayer is an opportunity to be filled up.

WE do not pray out of desperation or fear, but out of "I get it."  This is where I draw my resource, comfort, guidance.

Take a breath through the nose; exhale like you are blowing candles out on a cake.

Breathe again, slowly. And just like going down a slide, open up and let out a deep sigh.

And at that place, at the end of that sigh, is your divine home, which is where your spirit enters the body, where it lives, and allow yourself to smile.  As you breathe in, you feel the curtains of your heart open up, the Light of God floods into your body.  

As that light floods in, we ask holy Mother-Father God, all the loving light beings in service to our human experience on this planet at this time, to fill my body as I breathe, to reassure and calm my fearful mind. Please soothe my troubled emotions and help me remember who I truly am. As I breathe in the light and love of you, help me find my creativity, my courage, and my confidence.

And as I exhale, let me release my confusion and my distress.  As I breathe in, let me awaken to the joyful understanding that this shift is for the greater good of all concerned, including me and my family.   No one is left behind, no one is outside.  We are all contained in love. 

Guide me, divine Spirit, to my highest and most brilliant ability to serve.  Guide me to be a light, to be part of the solution, part of the healing.   Move me in the direction of my highest good, the good of all concerned, with my mind, my words, my body.

I trust, that as I surrender myself, I will be put in perfect alignment with my highest plan, and for that I thank you.

And so it is.

Let's spread a miracle consciousness; put our awareness to work.  It really does work. We do have the power to heal ourselves and the planet.  That power can be put into practice now.

Sonia Choquette   April 5, 2020   YouTube: YouTube Video





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