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Suzanne has a talent for helping others know and accept themselves, solve problems, build good relationships, and grow in consciousness. She easily reflects acceptance and love to others, which encourages them to love themselves. This she does through writing, counseling, and professional speaking.

Her straightforward, “how to” approach wins high praise from adults on an active self-growth path. Besides being an intuitive and self-aware person, Suzanne is committed to communication and caring.

Suzanne’s life purpose includes asking exploratory questions that help others explore their answers in order to heal and transform their lives. Her teachings emphasize that each person must discover their true Self (different from their conditioned self) and walk their own path to wholeness, building inner connectedness to the Oneness of all life. Suzanne encourages self-inquiry and inner work as the path to walk.

Connecting intimately to others is one of Suzanne’s needs and strengths. Building and maintaining good relationships are a high priority for her. Many people see her as just a regular person who has been married for 44 years and lives in suburbia, has a career, goes for walks with her dog, and enjoys her grandchildren because she can be quiet and unassuming at times. She is a regular person, and she sees herself as a secret agent for higher consciousness. When she is with another, whether in a counseling session, teaching situation, or talking to a neighbor, her intuition is attuned to the other person noticing if a deeper place of connectedness is possible, leading to more enlightened relating.

Some of her favorite people are her three grown daughters and husband. She is a joyful grandmother who chooses to make a difference in their lives.

Suzanne has a masters degree in guidance and counseling and began a private practice in the early 1980’s as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her first public talk was to parents in a PTA group in 1981. Since that time she has presented a variety of talks and workshops to many groups. For ten years, she was on the speakers bureau for Mental Health America of Greater Houston. She has experience teaching in-service trainings for teachers, trainings for volunteers at nonprofit organizations, and continuing education workshops for counselors.

She began writing self-help books many years ago and in 1990 started her own publishing company to publish her many works. Her latest book, The Harrill Solution – Secrets of Successful Relationships Revealed, is published by SterlingHouse Publishing.

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