Vol 6, No. 2


"I enter the day with the intention to play, looking for ways to laugh as I celebrate April Fool’s Day. I really pay attention when a child or a friend plays a joke on me. My inner child looks for simple ways to play, joke, and have fun. I am playful and like to laugh."

-- from Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself
by Suzanne Harrill, M.Ed.


This Month's Issue:

Perfection, Mistakes, and Retakes

By Suzanne E. Harrill


By Kay Posselt

Implicit Self-Esteem

By Bob Reasoner

What Does Lack Look Like?

By John Price

Our Darker States

By Mary O’Malley


Enlighten Up

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Greetings from the Editor:

New Life

April is a happy month for many of us, as spring is ushered in. It is a time of flowers and sunshine and the feeling of rebirth after winter. Consider allowing April to be a time of new beginnings. What is new on the horizon for you and your life? My family is meeting in Galveston for a couple of weeks to enjoy the spring weather in April, as spring arrives a little later in Colorado.

Fortunate Blessings,




 Perfection, Mistakes, and Retakes

By Suzanne E. Harrill

Consider you are already perfect, right now, just the way you are. "Huh?" you might be saying. Imagine you are a soul born here with a body to experience life and grow in awareness. You begin in "preschool consciousness," copying and assimilating the beliefs and values of those around you. At first you learn to "fit in." Since there are limited experiences and results, choices and decisions are usually unconscious and made randomly. You do not realize that you have free-will choice and create your day and your life by making choices and decisions moment by moment...

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By Bob Reasoner

Implicit self-esteem refers to those aspects of the self that are represented in memory via routinized associations that are not readily available to introspection. This is another approach to the assessment of self-esteem, along with many of the other concepts of self-esteem reported in the literature.

Recently questions have been raised about the validity of self-report measures of self-esteem since they can only tell us what people believe to be true about themselves. We know that behavior is determined not only by conscious thought but also by emotional reaction. As a result, there is a growing interest in measuring information that people may not be willing or able to report because it is at the unconscious level...

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Special Offer

April Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself

By Suzanne E. Harrill

MONTHLY ON LINE AFFIRMATIONS.  Affirmations to support self-esteem and spiritual growth now available in monthly installments. This is an updated edition of the seed thoughts and affirmations in the book, Affirm Your Self Day by Day.

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Personal Growth


by John Price

To answer the question we might say that "lack" appears as an empty bank account, the absence of a loving relationship, futility in achieving life's goals, or a short- age of vitality in the physical system. Looking at lack from another perspective, let's imagine a hole in the ground or an empty cup. It looks as though nothing is in the hole or cup, but that's not true because "nothing" cannot exist. Therefore, there is no such thing as lack, scarcity or shortage. The hole and the cup are filled to overflowing with omnipresent creative \energy, and so is our bank account, the "space" between our relationships, the seeming "vacancy" in fulfilling self-expression, and the perceived "void" in the physical body.

In essence, where there seems to be nothing, there is something, which means we don't have to worry about an insufficiency that doesn't exist. Looking at things from the Divine Perspective of our Withinness, we see there are no problems that have not already been solved, no needs that haven't been met.

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LOSS - A Grain of Sand

by Kay Posselt

A grain of sand
slipped into my shell,
grated my nerves raw,
made me know what’s foreign
might not be nice.

It is not nice
to try so hard,
to put everything on the line,
to push as hard as I can
without so much as a nod.
A cold slap would feel better.

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Personal Growth

Our Darker States

By Mary O’Malley

I was graced for years by an exquisite willow tree outside my bedroom window.  One spring evening as I was getting ready for my son's 18th Birthday, a rainstorm moved into the Northwest and I was drawn to look out the window.  The willow was in the beginning stages of putting on her summer dress of vibrant green, and the sky framing the willow was black and stormy, as rain danced horizontally past my window. 

Suddenly, the clouds opened up on the horizon, allowing the setting sun to bathe this stormy sea with its vibrant light.  The myriad rain drops on the willow's branches were immediately transformed into individual prisms of light.  It was so breathtakingly beautiful that tears came to my eyes.  As I looked out the window on the other side of the house, there was a double rainbow, crystal clear against the dark and forbidding clouds.  I knew as I watched this gift of beauty that it was a metaphor for human life.  Without the stormy sky to frame the opening for the setting sun, the beauty of the willow would not have been highlighted, and without both the rain and the sun, the rainbow wouldn't have been born.

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Enlighten Up   --    Humor

Jesus and Satan Argument


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Through A Child's Eyes

Submitted by Janet Carroll

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