Perfection, Mistakes, and Retakes

By Suzanne E. Harrill

Consider you are already perfect, right now, just the way you are. "Huh?" you might be saying. New ideas many times do not compute, so let me give a little more information before you agree or disagree with me. Let us take a view from the big picture and look at a new way of explaining perfection.

Imagine you are a soul born here with a body to experience life and grow in awareness. You begin in "preschool consciousness," copying and assimilating the beliefs and values of those around you. At first you learn to "fit in." Since there are limited experiences and results, choices and decisions are usually unconscious and made randomly. You do not realize that you have free-will choice and create your day and your life by making choices and decisions moment by moment with your thoughts and actions. In "elementary school" you explore and grow beyond what was taught at home. This continues throughout life.

Your awareness determines the degree to which you manifest the results you want. As a child, teenager, or young adult you did not know what you know now; therefore, choices made at a younger age are only as wise as your degree of awareness at that time. Limited awareness caused you to make many mistakes—which is actually a good thing. It moves you along on the learning curve to higher truths, values, and belief systems. Repeating mistakes or patterns, being unhappy or miserable is a motivator to move you to try different thoughts, decisions, actions, and choices outside your frame of reference and comfort zone. Thus you do a retake on your life, rewriting the script and getting the results you want. Those of you willing to risk moved to "graduate level" of consciousness. Here you understand the journey your soul has been on and celebrate all the trials and tribulations you went through to grow in enlightenment. This continues today as you keep learning and growing from new experiences and from making mistakes. This is the process you need in order to make wiser choices and get the satisfaction you desire in your life.

How many of you remember this when you wake up and can’t sleep at night, going over poor, less evolved choices your younger self made? Monday morning quarterbacking is not an enlightened thing to do to yourself. It is unfair to criticize yourself at younger levels of awareness and functioning. When you do this, have a serious talk with yourself and remember you can’t be expected to know things you do not yet know. Right?

Now back to the original premise: you are perfect today. This is based on the best you that you can express and be today. Your perfection includes your imperfections and your blind spot too. As you grow and change and evolve in consciousness, expanding your frame of reference and awareness, you will also be perfect at each place along your future journey.

Let me illustrate with an acorn here. You would not say an acorn growing in Houston was better than an acorn growing in Gillette, Wyoming (I have lived in both places), simply because it sprouted early and started growing. Rather, you would understand that there is a warmer climate in Houston with lots of rain. The early start was influenced by the environment not the determination of the two acorns. Both wanted to grow into full stature and be a giant oak tree, because that is what acorns are here to do. You are like the acorn. You move beyond your conditioning when the nutrients for evolution are present, using your higher mind to grow in your beliefs, values, and choices, loving and forgiving yourself, and understanding the journey of the soul as it learns Truth through the experiencing process.

What are the best lessons in life? Making mistakes, failing, having friction with others, experiencing frustration—all are part of the spiritual journey of the soul to experience life and grow in awareness so improvements can be enjoyed over time as new choices are made. When you reap the results of unaware choices, it does not mean you are inferior, bad, or imperfect. To the contrary, you are always being perfectly who you are by making decisions based on your current intelligence, intuition, conditioning, observation of others and life—or awareness. Poor or unwise choices are the opportunities for retakes that catapult you to new horizons.





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