Personal Growth


by John Price

To answer the question we might say that "lack" appears as an empty bank account, the absence of a loving relationship, futility in achieving life's goals, or a short- age of vitality in the physical system. Looking at lack from another perspective, let's imagine a hole in the ground or an empty cup. It looks as though nothing is in the hole or cup, but that's not true because "nothing" cannot exist. Therefore, there is no such thing as lack, scarcity or shortage. The hole and the cup are filled to overflowing with omnipresent creative \energy, and so is our bank account, the "space" between our relationships, the seeming "vacancy" in fulfilling self-expression, and the perceived "void" in the physical body.

In essence, where there seems to be nothing, there is something, which means we don't have to worry about an insufficiency that doesn't exist. Looking at things from the Divine Perspective of our Withinness, we see there are no problems that have not already been solved, no needs that haven't been met. Yes, I've written and talked about this before, but I think it needs to be addressed again.

Let's look to Source and the truth of the one Presence and Power living as us. Why do we have an insufficiency in any activity of life? Because we believe--on some level of consciousness--in two powers, one for us, another against us; one limitless, one restricting. It's the old God-and-the- devil-ego thing, yet the truth is that one is the only power, the other a non-power. Take money for example. If we are worrying about not having enough, we're believing in the appearance of lack, a non-power that does not exist in the universal scheme of things. It goes back to thinking more about trying to get money than realizing the Source of money, a focus on the effect instead of the continuous Givingness of the Presence within as Cause. We've got to put the horse and the cart in the right place.

Same thing regarding relationships, creative fulfillment and the physical body. The more we concentrate, contemplate and meditate on Spirit within as the Source of all our good, the more the good multiplies. This is the Alignment Principle where we become the instruments through which Spirit expresses as abundance, loving relation-ships, creative success and wholeness. But if we are concentrating on personally improving things in our external world, we are taking on a responsibility that is not ours. This trying to "make things happen" is a sure sign of fear. Isn't it better to fearlessly depend on Source and the Omniscient Love flowing through us to fulfill the Law of Full Measure?

I'll never forget those words that spoke to my mind years ago: Don't fret over a problem that doesn't exist. I haven't given up "fretting" completely, but I've found it to be almost magical to back out of the concern about something in the outer world, refocus on Source and remind myself that since the problem has already been solved for me, there's no longer a problem. The proof of this has been shown to me countless times, particularly when I see, feel and live the no- problem, no-need reality from my highest vision of the ideal life.

We should go to God within for only the experience of feeling and knowing God, not to bail us out from some miscreated external condition. Let's vigorously activate our faith, trust the Divine Will, see as Spirit sees, look through Spiritual Lens and know that every need has been met because that's the way the Creative Intelligence of Mother- Substance works. We're never left hanging out there on a limb. The energy of all-knowing Love is eternally flowing through us to literally appear as everything we have chosen for a life more abundant. When we believe this, stay in the Flow and feel it radiating through us, our world turns right-side up.

This is more than "letting go and letting God." It's having a deep and abiding personal relationship with our Holiness, to where nothing else really matters.

Think on these thoughts from The Jesus Code:

I am consciously one with the Infinite Mind within, and through this awareness pulsating throughout my being, I understand Omniscience. My Spirit knows all, sees my every need, and with endless love has already fulfilled that need.

In truth there is nothing to ask for. I simply have to keep my awareness on Omni- science and Its divine activity. This activity is Omnipotent, the one power, pouring forth from me as a mighty fountain to reveal and express a fill, complete, and joyous life. I am aware of this. I understand it. I see it. I know it.

The Truth I see in my life, my world, is Mind in perfect manifestation, whether in structure, thing, life-form, condition or experience. Nothing that is good and beautiful is lacking, and whatever that is not of God does not exist. I see a perfect life and a perfect world, because there is nothing opposed to God, and Truth has no opposite.

Let the sound of Yes echo throughout your being!





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