Vol 4, No. 4


"Observation need
never stop Participation."

-- American Zen Saying
by Suzanne E. Harrill


This Month's Issue:

Transforming Victimization:
True Stories #4

By Vicky Jeter

The Importance Of The Spiritual Dimension

by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D.

To Our Politicians From a Spiritual Working Stiff


by Suzanne E. Harrill

April Seed Thoughts
for Loving Yourself

Questions & Answers

Enlighten Up

Enlightening Cinderella Beyond the Prince Charming Fantasy

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for April 2005 Only:

"After reading your book, Enlightening Cinderella, I am amazed! How in the world could you have written my life issues, dramas, and feelings before you had even met me? As it has affected me, I am sure it will affect others that will have the insight and intuition to be drawn to read it... "  (more)

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Greetings from the Editor:


When my 82 year old mother and her significant other asked if my husband and I would like to visit China with them, I immediately said yes. I feel so blessed that my mother is my friend and that she would invite us to go along on this exciting trip. She has been such an inspiration to me over the years showing me positive ways to enjoy life, live a healthy life-style, use her talents (she is an artist), and especially how one can age gracefully, living an enriched life in ones later years. I feel happy seeing her enjoy this time of her life.

The four of us are visiting China, for two weeks, at the end of this month. I appreciate having the opportunity to experience this ancient culture, visiting historical sights, such as the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, The Terra Cotta Army, and the city of Lhasa in Tibet.


Note: Last month we featured an article by Cindy Wigglesworth, president of Conscious Pursuits, Inc. called: Integral Spiritual Intelligence: 21 Skills in 4 quadrants. The article was cut short. Here is the article in its entirety.



Transforming Victimization: True Stories #4

A Turning-Point in My Journey From Being Born
with Spastic Cerebral Palsy to Leading a Productive and Fulfilling Adult Life

By Vicky Jeter                         

When Suzanne suggested I might submit a part of my story of being born with Cerebral Palsy to her newsletter, the most challenging thing for me was where to start. There are almost as many significant aspects of disability and perceptions of disability as there are people, and their families, who are challenged with them. So, where along the paths of life do unique aspects and intimately personal experiences of disability cross into empathetic understanding? And, where does understanding become the bridge to inspire inter-reliance in relationships and personal self-esteem?

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Special Offer

April Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself

By Suzanne E. Harrill

MONTHLY ON LINE AFFIRMATIONS.  Affirmations to support self-esteem and spiritual growth now available in monthly installments. Only available here on line.

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Suzanne Says

Questions & Answers

Question: What is bothering me is the feeling that I somehow betrayed my original east orthodox religion and the Christ Himself. Actually, I become orthodox after a lot of research. The fact of Holy Fire made me orthodox. You can read about this miracle on www.holyfire.org/eng. If you can explain to me why God is giving the holy fire only to the orthodoxies, although I can see a lot of things that make me wonder why He does that...

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by Suzanne E. Harrill

I am ready to transcend.
What does that mean?

To leave, to let go,
to experience Truth untold?

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The Importance Of The Spiritual Dimension

by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D.

Native American philosophy teaches that all healing is first spiritual healing. Whatever else we do—including herbs, diet, radiation, surgery, bodywork, or medications—we need to humbly ask for help from the spiritual realm. People with a spiritual practice do better with any illness than those lacking religious beliefs; we must make ourselves available to the Divine for healing. Spirit is a necessary link in the chain that creates healing and miracles. Spirit cannot be ignored, whether it is to give our pain back to the earth or to accept healing from the earth, angels, or God.

If all healing is fundamentally spiritual, then we must make ourselves available to God or to the spiritual realm to be healed. In medieval times the touch of an angel restored health. It still does today. Ceremony and ritual provide the means for making ourselves available...

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Spiritual Message

To Our Politicians From a Spiritual Working Stiff

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Frankly, I still have difficulty with the labels, conservative and liberal. Those who know me have never been able to pigeonhole me. I relate to Kierkegaard's observation: "Once you label me, you negate me." In truth, I am a working stiff.

I have worked all my life, paid my taxes, supported my family, and continue to "chop wood and carry water," while being totally perplexed by what I hear coming out of the mouths of our politicians. As a working stiff who has earned enough to be in that top 1 percent income bracket, here is what I would like you, the politicians, to hear as you go about the business of government. These are views shared by most of the people I speak to every day, in all income brackets.

YOU ARE NOT OUR LEADERS. No one that I know goes to sleep at night saying, "My leaders are in Washington, D.C." I fume when you refer to yourselves as our leaders. You may pass laws while sitting in committees and having Rose Garden ceremonies, but the laws come after the real leadership has been implemented.

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