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April 2006

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Question: Hi Suzanne: I found your website from the links on the website of John Price - the author of Superbeings. I hope that you will help me by answering my question. I am writing to you as I think that you are one Advanced Soul with deep understanding of spiritual things.

First I want to apologize for my poor English. I will try to express myself clearly. I like very much the concept of the New Age teachings and I see some similarities with the teaching of the famous Russian professor and psychology, MD Norbekov. Also I have improved my diabetes and mental condition.

What is bothering me is the feeling that in this manner I somehow betrayed my original east orthodox religion and the Christ Himself. Actually, I become orthodox after a lot of research. The fact of Holy Fire made me orthodox. You can read about this miracle on If you can explain to me why God is giving the holy fire only to the orthodoxies, although I can see a lot of things that make me wonder why He does that.

Other question important for me is if redemption of Christ has value in your teaching. Sometimes I think that if the point was to show the way and how the people can use the Power, and there was not sin in our nature then it was not necessary to sacrifice Himself with so heavy death. One Master of Earth and Heaven can easy avoid the execution if the execution was senseless.

I hope you will help me in my attempt to step on the Path.

Sincerely, Plamen Penchev


Answer: Thank you, Plamen, for your questions. I will probably create more questions as I respond. I understand your deep soul searching and seeking of Truth. You seem like a deep thinker and want to make sense of the mysteries of life. Thank you for educating me about the holy fire miracle, as I went to the website. 

To begin, consider that all paths lead to God, some move one more quickly towards having a personal relationship with the God within, while others are more of a group experience with a leader (priest, minister, rabbi, etc). Just because you see the miracle of the holy fire in the eastern orthodox religion, does not mean such things do not happen with others practicing in other religions or privately worshiping God. The Bible story of Moses and the burning bush or white spiritual light/energy is one example. Many people are very private about having significant spiritual experiences so they do not get publicized as much as one such as the holy fire. There are many books out today where people or groups talk about spiritual experiences and miracles.

Consider also that consciousness evolves. We each are influenced by the thinking and belief systems of our families, communities, and churches in which we were raised. Some people must think for themselves and so make different choices about what religion or spiritual practices are true and right for themselves as opposed to simply following tradition. Many times one checks out all kinds of spiritual paths and spiritual teachers, staying with one for a life-time or only a short while. We outgrow some of our beliefs and practices on the journey to God Consciousness as we test our personal belief system against Truth. I choose not to go into religious dogma here, but will emphasize the fact that Jesus was a special teacher who showed us the way to higher consciousness. He never claimed he was the only one who could do the healings and miracles he demonstrated and said we can also learn about the kingdom of heaven while on earth.  The path of initiation was modeled by Jesus, which is the path each of us eventually has the choice to take. It is not an easy path because you go it alone (connecting with your inner, spiritual guidance and connecting to God, not needing organized religion as a guide), at least during the first two initiations, The Birth (into higher consciousness) and The Baptism (overcoming fear and negative emotions). At the third initiation, The Transfiguration, things expand. One recognizes such things as one’s soul group and gains an understanding of their personal mission as part of a greater experience. The next, is The Crucifixiation, then the Ascension. Now, each of these major initiations has many, many minor initiations or awakenings. One book discussing this is Alice Bailey’s From Bethlehem to Calvary.

In responding to your question about sin, consider it is only one interpretation that Jesus’ death and ascension was to save us from original sin and that the only way to be saved was through Christianity. Many, even some who practice Christianity, do not believe this is an accurate assessment. Again, I am not choosing to discuss interpretations of religious teachings, simply giving you another point of view.

To continue, the more unaware a person is the more they "sin," or miss the mark (it was originally an archery term meaning to not hit the target). As one grows in awareness, one takes more and more responsibility for one’s own life, one’s healing, one’s choices, etc. As one grows in loving and respecting self, there is no longer the ability to hurt or take advantage of another. Integrity grows. One eventually experiences that nothing goes unnoticed by the Godforce, each intention, thought, action, projection, etc. is known, you cannot hide or fool the Source. The desire to live a life like Jesus did—a life of service, commitment to God, and high integrity—grows until one becomes a Christed Being (to use Christian terminology) and not just a human being.

These are simply thoughts to consider as you take the next step in your spiritual journey.





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