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        provide delays
    For better timing."

-- American Zen Saying
by Suzanne E. Harrill


This Month's Issue:

Painting with a Full Palette of Colors

By Suzanne E. Harrill

Leave It In The 'Mystery'

By Chelle Thompson

Stop Prying the Darn Rose Bud!

By Rob Cross

Top Ten Ways to Develop the Power of Presence

By Sandra Zimmer

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Greetings from the Editor:

Last week while sitting outside on my patio eating lunch, madly reading the last few pages of The DaVinchi Code, my little dog caught my attention. Dot was very intently sniffing under the glider. To my surprise there was the most beautiful little bird, a yellow canary. It soon hopped onto a branch of a big, potted hibiscus plant. Both Dot and I just watched, a little surprised and curious. As the visitor sat on the branch, it gently closed its eyes and fell safely asleep. I checked about an hour later to see if the bird had flown away and was pleased to see that she was eating the seeds and drinking the water I had placed under her branch. All afternoon and evening, I joyfully sat watching her eat and drink and move around the plant enjoying the oasis she had found.

Now the story ended on a sadder note as the canary died during the night. So many gifts were received from this little being. The simple truths of how fragile and temporary life is and the reminder to fully appreciate the opportunities in life today and each day I am alive. It pleases me that I could be of service to this little creature and contribute to her having a good death. I am glad she chose my garden in which to find a safe haven to complete her life journey. I was also reminded that my dog is a special dog and that by being gentle and loving towards this little creature, she participated in the bird’s final day. The most important gift that this little yellow bird brought to me is the gift of joy to one of my days. The lesson of that gift is the reminder to pay attention to the simple pleasures in life.

This ties in nicely with my lead article, Painting with a Full Palette of Color.

Fortunate Blessings,
Suzanne E. Harrill


Self Awareness


By Suzanne E. Harrill

One way to explain the human experience is through the metaphor of color. Imagine each of us is given at birth an artist’s palette of rainbow colors with which to paint our individual lives. Each one of us starts out using the color preferences of the family and society we are born into, repeating the conditioning.

Some learn early to move beyond this limited palette and use unfamiliar colors to explore the rainbow of color possibilities. Those who prefer to paint with the same colors over and over, or a limited palette, eventually find that life has a corrective measure. The void resulting from not using certain colors draws people, situations, and lessons into your life to build awareness of our blind spots.

This balances us over time on the journey to becoming a master artist. When we awaken the artist within and use the metaphor of color, it helps us understand ourselves and our lives better. Let us look at some basic color theory and look at qualities associated with each color; then I will illustrate how to use color as a helpful tool...

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By Chelle Thompson

All of us encounter toxic people and situations in our lives. During those times we need whatever helpful tools we can find to stay balanced and clear. One of the methods I use to maintain perspective is to create a healthy level of detachment. Healthy, because I still have my heart engaged, but am not running amuck in an emotional minefield. The real-life dialogue that follows explains how this technique works...

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Stop Prying the Darn Rose Bud!

                        By Rob Cross

What’s the first thing you would do if I gave you a rose bud?

Smell it? Admire it? Go oooh and ahhh? Run find a vase to put it in?

And then what would you do?

Well, after a couple of hours, you’d pass by & see that it’s not opening yet. So in anger or fear you’d probably stick your thumbs in the fat middle of it and start prying it open, right?

Naw! Of course you wouldn’t! Well then, why are we continually doing so in our relationships?

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Suzanne Says

Questions & Answers

Question: My life is a mess and I do not know how to begin helping myself. My husband just left and no longer supports me financially. Also I crushed my hand under the garage door recently which prevents me from getting a secretarial job. The only thing I am really good at is using my spiritual and intuitive gifts to listen and help others which does not pay bills. Unfortunately I can not hear my intuition at this time to help myself. I want to do life better but do not know how...

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Enlighten Up


  • Can You Read This?

  • Warning: Don't Step on the Ducks!

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Spiritual Growth

Top Ten Ways to Develop the Power of Presence

                     By Sandra Zimmer

Presence is a palpable sense of being all here - physically, mentally, and emotionally. It gives you a masterful command of yourself and it commands the attention of others.

Presence is spiritual in nature. It is the embodiment of spirit. Through simple mental and physical practices, you can develop this power....

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Finding Deeper Meaning and Purpose in Your Life - Become more aware of your spiritual mission , the stages of moral development, how to turn disapoointment into something better, and how a guided mediation impacts this process.

Wed Nov 5   6:15-8 pm


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