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Question: My life is a mess and I do not know how to begin helping myself. My husband just left and no longer supports me financially. Also I crushed my hand under the garage door recently which prevents me from getting a secretarial job. The only thing I am really good at is using my spiritual and intuitive gifts to listen and help others which does not pay bills. Unfortunately I can not hear my intuition at this time to help myself. I want to do life better but do not know how.      Sincerely, Gail.

Answer: You did a good job expressing your current problems. When you admit you need help and want to do things differently, believe it or not, things begin happening. Thoughts are powerful, so what you focus your mind on draws experiences to you.

You need emotional support at this time as you learn new pathways for creating a new life. If you do not have family and friends close by, interim help can be found in local churches or the mental health association in your community. I encourage you to take the risk to let either one know you need help and do not even know the basics on getting food or shelter. Compassionate people are everywhere and need to know you need help.

When we are going through a death experience (in this case the death of a relationship), the good news is that there is a rebirth just around the corner. When we overcome our fear, even for a few moments at first, it allows our creativity and inner guidance to come forth.

To support your inner work, it is helpful to repeat a healing treatment with words of affirmation. This gives you a new program for your subconscious mind replacing negative thinking and beliefs with positive ones, giving you a new direction in which to grow. When we talk to ourselves in the present tense with affirmations and use our imagination to visualize this reality with feeling, it sets a new pattern and direction for our life.

Following is a set of affirmations, or healing treatment that may work for you. Adapt it to what feels right for you and use words that you normally use.


Healing Affirmation Treatment for Gail:

In silence I allow Divine Love to nourish and fill me up spiritually in order to take care of myself physically and emotionally. As I follow my inner guidance, I easily can handle the details of my life.

I begin the journey of self-sufficiency by focusing my mind to find work that provides for my basic needs of food and shelter. I attract a simple job that allows me to easily provide for myself.

As I open myself to heal and forgive past hurts, I have energy available for self-care. I am energized by focusing on the present moment and acknowledging what is good in my life.

I am in charge of my life and I take full responsibility for creating my life the way I want it.

I release all need to be a victim and to need someone else to take care of me. I am capable of supporting myself.

I am open to hear wisdom from others as I continue to heal the past.

I spend time connecting to nature each day, allowing the energy of the sun to energize my solar body.

I touch the Earth each day with my bare feet to receive its grounding energy to help me care for myself in the physical world.

I easily see the next step on my path.

I create the basic necessities of life for myself, so my spiritual mission can be revealed in due time.

I step forward on my path with courage, ready to create my life anew.





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