Stop Prying the Darn Rose Bud!

By Rob Cross

 Whatís the first thing you would do if I gave you a rose bud?

Smell it? Admire it? Go oooh and ahhh? Run find a vase to put it in?

And then what would you do?

Well, after a couple of hours, youíd pass by & see that itís not opening yet. So in anger or fear youíd probably stick your thumbs in the fat middle of it and start prying it open, right?

Naw! Of course you wouldnít! Well then, why are we continually doing so in our relationships?

My guess isÖ.right now you are experiencing some sort of angst in your relationship. Maybe itís not moving as fast or as slow or as right or left as you prefer. So you do what most of us doÖ stick your darn thumbs in there and start prying & forcing it. From upset & anger to holding back & withdrawing. We try it all, from over-pleasing to white-lying. And if that doesnít work, how Ďbout a good olí game of tit for tat, or back biting, maybe try a little peace keeping. We get real clever, trying anything to pry and bend and twist that darn thing into what we want it to look like. Thatís doing Love upside down, friends!

Life teaching the pig to singÖ..all we do is waste our time and frustrate the poor pig!

What weíve forgotten
in our relationships
is that simple God-given

My friends, your job with the bud is to appreciate it and nurture it! Thatís it. And then what happens? Miracle of miracles, it unfolds and blooms. How it does so, I canít begin to tell you. But it does. And itís this miracle step that weíre forgetting in our relationships!

Tell you what; notice what youíre doing right now thatís beyond merely appreciating and supporting your partner. The truth is, anything beyond that is likely your subtle attempts to manipulate and force it to go where you want it to go, and itís those attempts that are bringing you exactly what you DONíT wantÖA bunch oí broken peddles laying on the floor! We canít push a string, and we canít hog-tie Love.

Loveís a funny thing. Itís like a cat. Let it stay, it stays. But keep it from going, itís outta here!

Retire from the business of trying to KEEP love, and just relax, BE YOURSELF and Allow it the space to breathe and expand exactly how & where it wants. It cannot Flow while youíre trying to control it. Funny thing is, you have no control over it anyway! Itís called Faith. And faith is easy when we feel in control and when life is going according to our plans, but mighty hard when itís not. Right?

When you Let go of it having to look YOUR way, like the rose bud, youíll become an accomplice to a miracle. As you "let go", your energy and vitality return, and the love unfolds to a brilliance as perhaps youíve never known.

RememberÖ..Love is easy when we stop making it so darn hard!

Rob Cross





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