Winter 2011


�I feel good about myself when I develop and express my talents and abilities. My talents may or may not be achievements highly valued by society. I go within and remember the things I like to do and what excites me about life. It�s time again to focus on my talents and gifts so I can express more of myself. I take one step today to develop and express my gifts.�

-- from Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself
by Suzanne Harrill, M.Ed.


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by John Price

A Prayer for Morning Meditation

Shanti Christo Foundation

The Higher Power -
Preface To My Soul's Code

By Vicky Bowker Jeter

I Am Foundation


Enlighten Up

Suzanne E. Harrill

Suzanne has a talent for helping others know and accept themselves, solve problems, build good relationships, and grow in consciousness. She easily reflects acceptance and love to others, which encourages them to love themselves. This she does through writing, counseling, and professional speaking. Read the rest of the bio here.

Contact Suzanne E. Harrill, M.Ed., LPC (at 303-257-7994) to Speak to Your Group


Enlightening Cinderella Beyond the Prince Charming Fantasy

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"After reading your book, Enlightening Cinderella, I am amazed! How in the world could you have written my life issues, dramas, and feelings before you had even met me? As it has affected me, I am sure it will affect others that will have the insight and intuition to be drawn to read it... "  (more)


Greetings from the Editor:

I Am a Joyful Grandmother Again

This makes four times now that I am a grandmother. My oldest daughter gave birth recently to a baby boy. This makes three grand-sons and one grand-daughter to date. It makes my open heart sing as I hold Jordan and stare into his eyes. The look of innocence and trust in his new face reminds me how easily unconditional love can be felt. I choose to take this love more fully out into the world today to others. Why don't you join me?

Fortunate Blessings,





by John Price

Consider holding happiness as an intention for this new year. Think about the word happiness for a moment. Let it speak to your heart and feel the gladness, the delight, and the joy it brings up for you. This is the energy that opens doors to order and harmony in our lives, the vibration that evokes the Law of Attraction. Can we not be happy for all the blessings that flow to us? I know it may be difficult to truly be happy when things seem to catch us on the old roller coaster ride of life, however, this is when we should remember to stand tall and remind ourselves that happiness can be a permanent part of our nature. It is up to us...

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Special Offer

Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself

By Suzanne E. Harrill

MONTHLY ON LINE AFFIRMATIONS.  Affirmations to support self-esteem and spiritual growth now available in monthly installments. From Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself, Cultivating the Garden of Your Mind Day by Day.

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A Prayer for Morning Meditation      

I and my Father are one!
It's a beautiful day!
I have manifested a physical form sitting in a chair
in a corner of one little tiny dimension of creation.

How amazing this moment is!

Ah, there's the sound of a bird.
I'm glad I called that to myself.

What beautiful thoughts can I think right now?
Who can I send Love to without lifting a finger?
I am unlimited forever!

I am free!   I am free!   I am free!

This prayer is from The Way of Mastery by the Shanti Christo Foundation


Spirituality in Business

Deep Intelligence: The Critical Intelligences
for Leadership Success in the 21st Century

By Cindy Wigglesworth

The idea that there is more to effective leadership than high IQ is now well accepted. In the past two decades, Daniel Goleman’s groundbreaking research on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been widely embraced by the business community. It is no longer uncommon to find leaders being assessed on self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills, as well as more traditional qualities such as technical depth, determination, and vision.

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The Higher Power - Preface To My Soul's Code

By Vicky Bowker Jeter     

This direct experience of God, despite multi-faceted physical and emotional pain, stands as the cornerstone of my spiritual conviction and service in faith today. Not only because it was an instantaneous healing of my distress, but it was the first time I "knew" within my soul that Omnipresent Power had moved through my life with precious regard for my existence.

Here, God is referred to as He and Him. While today for me Spirit is androgynous, this was sincerely my childlike perspective, and in the intimate moments of this unfolding my ability to address my relationship with "Him" personally was a part of how it came about so profoundly. In my understanding "Soul's Code" refers to my authentic agreement and purpose for coming into this Life experience.

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I Am Foundation

Since 1998, The I AM Foundation has impacted the lives of more than 1.1 million children and adults worldwide with books that build literacy, personal growth and a healthy self-esteem. We've gifted our books and program in over 50 countries. We invite you to take a trip around the U.S and the globe with us and see the places and faces we've had the great fortune of meeting. Our lives have been touched forever and our wish is that their's have been too...

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Enlighten Up   --    Humor

Sad Passing

Should I Really Join Facebook?

Eating Pie

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Spellbinding Video:

The Passion Test

Christian the Lion

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