Reading This Book Was An Emotional Experience For Me

Dear Suzanne:

After reading your book, Enlightening Cinderella, I am amazed! How in the world could you have written my life issues, dramas, and feelings before you had even met me? As it has affected me, I am sure it will affect others that will have the insight and intuition to be drawn to read it. Oh, how I wish that someone would have given me the gift of reading this "Cinderella" when I was a young girl! I know that you say things come to you when you are ready for them, but this could have provided a glimmer of the future, a small crystal ball for me into the immensely baffling world of relationships. This gave a whole new meaning to Prince Charming. My mental picture of "him" will be forever changed. I cannot wait to be able to give this book to both my daughter and my son when they reach a point in their lives at which they can absorb it.

Once I had the time, Saturday morning, and really began to read it, I was engrossed. I could not put it down. I identified so with this "fairy tale" that I couldn’t wait to find out how my future would turn out. My feelings ranged from sadness and tears, to an inner lightness and hope. Whether right or wrong, I so internalized your story writing, that I left the physical activity of reading and became absorbed in the lessons of my life.

I have to admit the 1st ending was very emotional for me. It is such a great fear for me, the loss of that "happily ever after." I would love to see two years after that ending! And maybe I will.

I recognized so many of the "Garden Meetings" that I have had with you and our discussions, but in this context they became so much clearer to me. What a gift you have for reaching into people and illuminating their strengths and gently directing them in their emotional healing.

I really enjoyed the journal questions and the points to ponder. My favorite line is, "Try not to judge the process." There were so many pearls of wisdom thoroughout and I would love to cut them out and blow them up to past on my walls to help me throughtout the day. The poems were so beautiful and so simply written, yet so intense.

Reading this book was such an emotional experience for me. I felt that I had such a personal connection with it. I do not believe that this is necessarily because I know you or that I have experienced the same life lessons, but that it is your ability to see so clearly into peoples’ lives. You have a such a novel way of helping them sift through the chafe of life’s daily pain and happiness and to illuminate this strength enabling them to emerge with such an improved sense of themselves, a greater self-esteem. I am certain it will be that same experience for many others.







Love Offerings and Tithes Appreciated
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