Vol 2, No. 9


"September is
as good a month
As any
to make a resolution."

-- American Zen Saying
by Suzanne E. Harrill


This Month's Issue:

What is Happiness?

By John Agno

The Higher Power - Preface To My Soul's Code

by Vicky Bowker Jeter

Sept. Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself

Questions & Answers

Pure Silence

By Mark McCloskey

Dating Tips for Singles

By Suzanne E. Harrill

Enlighten Up


I Am A Star
My Building High Self-Esteem Book

A children’s affirmation book, ages 2-10.

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Greetings from the Editor:


September is an important month for me. It is the beginning of my year, as my birthday is September 7. It is also the month I started this newsletter a year ago. I am pleasantly surprised with its success. It is a vehicle for my many unpublished works, as well as the works of many other teachers. I hope you continue to find ideas to spark your inner journey. Please pass on articles from my website or newsletter to others that may benefit from them.

Fortunate blessings,



What is Happiness?

By John Agno         

Happiness is being aware, not only of the positive events that occur in your life but, that you yourself are the cause of these events--that you can create them, that you control their occurrence, and that you play a major role in the good things that happen to you. Happiness, said Benjamin Franklin, "is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen as by the little advantages that occur every day." Happiness isn't off in the future, but in living in the "now" and loving the moment of our daily experiences...

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The Higher Power - Preface To My Soul's Code

By Vicky Bowker Jeter     

This direct experience of God, despite multi-faceted physical and emotional pain, stands as the cornerstone of my spiritual conviction and service in faith today. Not only because it was an instantaneous healing of my distress, but it was the first time I "knew" within my soul that Omnipresent Power had moved through my life with precious regard for my existence. Here, God is referred to as He and Him. While today for me Spirit is androgynous, this was sincerely my childlike perspective, and in the intimate moments of this unfolding my ability to address my relationship with "Him" personally was a part of how it came about so profoundly. In my understanding "Soul's Code" refers to my authentic agreement and purpose for coming into this Life experience.

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Special Offer

September Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself

By Suzanne E. Harrill

MONTHLY ON LINE AFFIRMATIONS.  Affirmations to support self-esteem and spiritual growth now available in monthly installments. This is an updated edition of the seed thoughts and affirmations in the book, Affirm Your Self Day by Day. Only available here on line.

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Suzanne Says

Questions & Answers

Question:  I have always heard people say that communication is 'key' between couples in a marriage.  I thought that meant each person needs to openly communicate their feelings, etc. to the other all the time. In text books written on communication techniques there seems to be much importance given to the use of 'I messages' in which one expresses one's feelings to the other, in a non blaming way....  etc.

I have practiced this technique effectively as a way to get to the heart of my concern and express it without the other person becoming defensive.  However, now 18 months into my 'special' relationship, I am wondering if it is always (or ever?) appropriate to communicate my hurt (or negative) feelings over some aspect of his behavior....

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Pure Silence

by Mark McCloskey            

A gentle, loving, inner peace and silence is here and now in this moment. It has always been this way. It is always here. It is right here within you and all around you, a stillness, an apparent void, a seeming nothingness out of which everything arises, exists, and eventually returns. You know this. You have felt this. There is nothing more than this. You are this...

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Dating Tips for Singles:
How to Create a Good Relationship This Time

by Suzanne E. Harrill           

Is it time to start dating?  First, be honest with yourself about your readiness. Ask yourself some important questions about your previous relationship(s); such as, “What did I learn about myself while in these relationships? Why did I match up with the people in these relationships in the first place? What beliefs about relationships do I have that are false and need updating? What patterns did I repeat from my parents? What do I wish I could have done differently, before, during, or after these relationships?”

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Enlighten Up   --    Humor

Zen Sarcasm


Paul Newman and Robert Redford


Quick Plane


Lost Bet


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Conscious Pursuits

"Integrating Spirit and Work"

Our Summer Newsletter is available... Inspiring ideas, beautiful photos and news are all available!

There is lot of exciting news at CPI...so check it out.


  • The Spiritual Intelligence Assessment is now available for public purchase

  • Coaches can now get certified to coach to the assessment. Classes are in late Sept. in the UK and Amsterdam and in Houston in November.

  • Cindy is teaching a mini-Spiral Dynamics Integral workshop at Rice on Saturday Sept 11th that is open to anyone who wants to register!

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