Conscious Pursuits

"Integrating Spirit and Work"

Our Summer Newsletter is available...please click here to access it online. Inspiring ideas, beautiful photos and news are all available!

There is lot of exciting news at check it out.


  • The Spiritual Intelligence Assessment is now available for public purchase

  • Coaches can now get certified to coach to the assessment. Classes are in late Sept. in the UK and Amsterdam and in Houston in November.

  • Cindy is teaching a mini-Spiral Dynamics Integral workshop at Rice on Saturday Sept 11th that is open to anyone who wants to register!

Interest areas include:

  • Spiritual Intelligence (if you too the pilot assessment you are defaulted to this interest area)

  • Spirituality in the Workplace

  • Values-based leadership (I work with Richard Barrett's model)

  •   Ken Wilber and Integral Theory

  •  World Religions

  • Spiral Dynamics (for more info go to or .com or .org)

I send you blessings and light.

Cindy Wigglesworth
President, Conscious Pursuits, Inc.



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