Creativity Adds to Your Health and Well-Being

By Suzanne E. Harrill

After the fun and richness of the holiday season some people have health as a theme for the New Year.  Many want to manage their weight and eating habits that got out of hand with all the social gatherings. A helpful method to boost your health and well-being is using some of the wisdom of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

One of my dear friends is a Feng Shui master. She created a private workshop for my three daughters and myself during the Christmas break. I relearned an important concept from the ancient Chinese teaching, that when looking at one area of your life that you want to improve, it is helpful to look at and develop the area that is the polar opposite on the Bagua. What is the Bagua and how does creativity add to your health?

A helpful tool for organizing and improving your life is understanding the Bagua. It is an eight-sided figure where the eight sides represent different areas of our lives. In the center is the Tai Ch’i, with the yin and yang symbol, the place of balance between extremes. Beginning at the bottom and moving clockwise around the circle the areas of the bagua are:

1. Journey/Career, which is opposite area five

2. Knowledge/Wisdom, which is opposite area six

3. Elders/Health, which is opposite area seven

4. Fortunate Blessings/Wealth, which is opposite area eight

5. Illumination/Reputation, which is opposite area one

6. Relationships/Mother, which is opposite area two

7. Creativity/children, which is opposite area three

8. Helpful People/Travel, which is opposite area four


To live a life of balance and harmony, this ancient method of self-understanding can be helpful in noticing any extremes in one’s life. The area that needs a boost benefits from developing the opposite side of the circle. To return to our original idea to aid our health and well-being, we look to the opposite side of the bagua, which is creativity.  As you focus on the joy of being creative it makes it easier, for one, to eat healthy and want to move the body.

It is common to have areas of the bagua, or one’s life, that are overdeveloped. Many times the opposite area is lacking and thus out of balance. The Feng Shui strategy is to give attention to the side of the bagua that is underdeveloped. As the opposite area gets attention it contributes to more harmony and balance. One last comment here. Many people say, “ I’m not artistic, I can’t draw a straight line,” when you talk about being creative. Creativity can be painting or writing, but it also includes fixing a good meal, gardening, pondering your goals and the steps you will take to meet them. In actuality, you can’t stop being creative. You create your day moment by moment, yet, many times at the unconscious level. Make your choices conscious and you will feel the joy of being creative.

In conclusion, using ancient Chinese wisdom, can help you find balance in your life. If improved health is on your New Year’s Resolution list, consider adding something creative to your life.



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