Vol 2, No. 4


"Spring welcomes
those whose need is
a new beginning."

-- American Zen Saying
by Suzanne E. Harrill


This Month's Issue:

What Is Codependence and How Does It Affect My Life?

bySuzanne Harrill

The Real You

by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan


By Sandra Zimmer


By Chelle Thompson

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Greetings from the Editor:

Healthy Dependency.

You may have noticed that some of the lead articles in the past few newsletters are from one of my unpublished manuscripts, Becoming the Person You Always Wanted to Marry. The first section of this manuscript emphasizes developing a better relationship with yourself—the foundation of any good relationship. I continue this theme this month with the topic of codependence.

What is healthy dependency in a relationship and how do we recognize when it crosses the line into becoming a detriment to our own growth and our relationships? Good questions. Let us look at codependency to help us better examine our own relationships.

Fortunate blessings,



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Suzanne Says

Questions & Answers

Question: I am continuing to enjoy interrelating with the man in my life. I am learning much, and growing in self-confidence little by little. My current perception of things is that Jeff easily gets angry and I easily get fearful (I suffer with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). My question: Is it that I've attracted (and am attracted to) a man who gets angry in order to heal the frightened parts of myself, or what? I'm wondering. From Faith S., Newcastle, Australia

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By Chelle Thompson

Immersed in idle words,
we elude the chance to
communicate feeling and thought.

Feelings, tentatively tossed,
can barely scale the walls of
our self-imprisoning fears.

Analytical thought
and a chattering mind can
quell the intuitive Voice within.


As life's engaged to
experience the echo of self,
doors open to who we are.

When we recognize our
divine nature, our spirit
soars over obsolete walls.

Free, then, to love ourselves,
we can lovingly embrace
a world of differences.



What Is Codependence and How Does It Affect My Life?

by Suzanne E. Harrill           

Codependence is a new word that became popular in the 1980’s. It has become a buzzword and important for you to understand in becoming the person you want to be. In less aware times codependence was considered normal. To be good, perfect, compliant, agreeable, giving, and selfless was rewarded and was the unconscious standard with which many people, especially women were conditioned. Now we are understanding that there is a fine line between where being selfless and taking care of others crosses over to becoming a disease similar to having a physical addiction. If you want to have healthy, mature adult relationships with loved ones and close friends, you will benefit by understanding this condition...

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Self-Talk: What You Say to Yourself
Determines Your Experience

By Sandra Zimmer     

"Words, words, words" says Hamlet in Shakespeare’s greatest play about the human mind. Hamlet is trapped in indecision because his head is full of words. Sometimes the words say one thing, sometimes another. Hamlet cannot act with clarity and love because he cannot get beyond the self-talk inside his own mind.

Self-talk plays an important role in stage fright and performance anxiety. Many of the symptoms of stage fright are either triggered or intensified by the way we talk to ourselves inside our minds. This chapter will help you identify your negative self-talk, challenge it and change it to supportive self-talk. Talking to yourself in nurturing and supportive ways will be an important tool for healing the tension of being the center of attention...

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Self Awareness

The Real You

by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan      

What is the root of immortality and the soul?

Look at your hand. What do you see? A part of your body, an appendage made of bone and sinew covered with flesh and skin. It is filled with nerves, blood vessels and lymph ducts which run through it and connect it to your body, making it part of you.

You can open and close your hand. It obeys every command that your mind sends to it. It is yours -- a part of you. But what are you? Who is the real you? What happens when you tell your hand to open and close? How does your mind will it to obey its commands?

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