Poems From Ė A Womanís Life in Verse: Volume I

By: Karen Vanasse

The Back of my Closet

I donít remember the day

I put my high heels away

I saw them today in the back of my closet

And itís there they seem to stay

I donít remember the day

I put my mini skirt away

The one I used to dance in all night long

It doesnít fit anymore, anyway

I donít remember the day

I put my red lipstick away

The one I wore to make me look older

Looking older isnít a problem today

I donít remember the day

I put the young girl away

Carefree times I took for granted

Youth is wasted on the young, as they say

I donít remember the day

I tucked my dreams away

They must be somewhere in the back of my closet

And itís there they seem to stay


Every Day

Weíre strangers

In the dark

Afraid of what we are

Hiding in the shadows

Of each other

Weíll never break the silence

Our conversation holds

We die a little inside

Every day

We smile for the camera

Our secret is safe

Pride keeps it going

Defeat makes us stay

Too much to lose

When nothing is left

Is the wisdom

Of a fool

The sand falls quickly

Through our fingers

As we take the stage

Every day


On Being a Woman

Though not by choice

But fate

Another little girl emerges

Into the possibilities

Of womanhood

And the promise

That this new responsibility brings

To nurture

To love

To give life

To this world

To do what is right

With the little piece of eternity

Her womb possesses

So jealous is man

Who lives only to die

Sacrificing nothing

For the cause

There will be beauty

In your suffering

For it is what makes you


You would not have been chosen

As woman

If He didnít have faith

In your strength

Go forth

And prove your worthiness

That your blood

Flows not in vain

That you are the reason

This world

Still turns



A bird sings

Smell of morning in the air

Coffee brewing


I have spoken not to anyone yet

Or cursed the day

There is only me

And the beautiful solitude

Of nothingness

That fills my soul

If only for a little while

Itís quiet




Karen Vanasse resides in Barrington, RI and works part-time as a home aide for the elderly.  She is the mother of two sons, Dylan, age 12 and Richard James, age 2.  Formerly a full-time buyer for a few local companies, she now enjoys spending time with her children and writing in her spare time.

She is a member of the International Society of Poets, and her poem "Quiet" is featured in the 2006 compilation "Immortal Verses Series".

Website:  http://www.awomanslifeinverse.com/

This is her first published book in what will be a series of six volumes.




A Woman's Life in Verse: Volume I is a book of poetry that is an inspirational journey through the eyes of a woman.  It is every woman's story.  No matter what your stage of life is at present, there is something here for you.  It will make you laugh ... maybe even cry ... think ... and remember. 

This is the perfect book to sit down with at the end of a long day.  So, fall into your favorite chair, put your feet up and enjoy this thought-provoking book.







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