Evolutionary Theory through the Eyes of a Monarch

By: Randy Harrill

"Today I'm bound for Mexico," the Monarch said to me
"Of course you are," was my reply, "and I'm winning the lottery"
He seemed half serious, and so I thought, I'd better tell him why
Mexico is not within the range of a Free State butterfly.

"Your wings are made like paper, and your flight is never straight"
"And every time there's wind or rain, you'll have to stop and wait."
"I bet you're glad I came along to help you think this through"
"Cause, not to brag, but I do have, a bigger brain than you"

"So help is what you call these words I just received from you?"
"Your bigger brain's conclusions about all that I can't do?"
"I offer you a message, and I'll make it very plain"
"Miracles happen only when you evolve beyond the brain."

With that he lifted off and traced out spirals in the air
I watched him drift so lazily, amazed by what he shared
"You gave me lots to think about!" I thought I should confess
The Monarch shouted back to me, "THE MESSAGE IS: THINK LESS!"





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