Pigs Donít Bark!

By Rob Cross

Ö.And the sky is blue. And oh, by the way, your partner is Exactly who they are, regardless of how you feel about it!

In relationships, our fighting our partner is like fighting the skyís blue-ness! The illusion we create is this: "Iím upset because of who they are or with what they did". But the reality of it is, our upset has nothing to do with TREMÖ.and everything to do with our FIGHTING who they are or what they did!

Hereís the good news we just donít want to hear: "Iím upset at you because I want you to change"! Thatís right! I get upset when I want my partner to do or say something differently than what they did or said. Right? Itís that simple! And the good news about that is, when I GET that, I then no longer have to WAIT for my partner to change!

Then Iím then Free to Live and Love without holding back! And that perpetuates more and more of the love I really want.

Friends, make peace with the reality that, pigs just donít bark and the people in your experience are who they are (thatís right, even the jerk who cut you off this morning on the freeway). Am I saying settle for? Nope. Iím saying Stop Fighting it. Remember, whatever you fight gets Bigger and Uglier.

Weíre doing this love thing upside down. Did you know that the first base to any change, is to Accept the darn thing you wanna change?

As you truly allow your partner be WHO THEY ARE, then your expectations begin to dissipate into Appreciation for exactly who they are. And believe me, youíll get FAR more of what you want from them by Appreciating them vs. Fighting them. You know what I mean? Itís called spirit of Cooperation. Youíre on the same team kinda deal.

Make peace with the sky being blue. Itís gonna stay blue regardless of how you feel about it. And when youíre at peace with it being so, you then have all your energy and creative resources available. And likewise, as you stop beatiní your partner up with your demands that love looks exactly the way you ordered it up, then life works and the love you always had to hog tie to keep, begins to just stick around and grow!

RememberÖ..Love is easy when we stop making it so darn hard!

Rob Cross




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