There is Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself. Ha!

By Leanne Pollock

I now agree with the quote by Roosevelt, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself," and it has been a long process to not let my fears run my life. Some people learn their lessons in the workplace while others learn from their primary relationships. My life lessons have been, and still are, learned through health issues. I am an expert on fear and my journey has taken me to the depths where I wallow in fear. I know how to bathe, drink, and drown in it. My journey has also taken me to the heights of spiritual bliss and when I am in that place I know there is nothing to fear.

Let me share a little about myself and my journey. I am a cancer survivor for 16 years now. My life has been filled with amazing challenges, twists, turns, and turmoil. Like a Pollyanna I get complacent at times and lulled into believing I am done with learning lessons through illnesses. Iíve said many times to myself, "Done that, been there, not doing that again!" Suddenly a new ache, pain, or spot appears and I drop back into the dark pit of fear. I am also an expert at moving beyond fear and reminding myself at times how to live in the present, with no projections or shadows dancing around luring me to fall once again. "How do humans live without fear?" I have asked myself that many times. I am still surprised and intrigued when I hear someone say, "Oh I let go of all fear years ago." I want to pinch them just to see if they are real. I am not there yet, however. I strive for this place of knowing and living that there is really nothing to fear except fear itself.

My wish is to help those of you plagued by fear. It helps me and reminds me of my wisdom when I share some of the tools of the trade with others. The helpful things I do to get back on track are practical and really work. When I need to relax and lessen the grip of fear, it means I need to shift my thinking to my new paradigm. Helpful tip number one is journal writing, which eventually centers me and helps me see where I am off track. It helps me get into the present. I honestly write about my feelings, raw and deep.

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to take the training in RC or re-evaluation therapy and still use the incredible technique of discharge. I cry, scream, beat on a pillow, or shake, whatever it takes to process my terror. Then, I might call one of my dear friends and ask them to listen to my stuff and to reassure me. It is also helpful to take a long walk and breathe in nature. I go to my spiritual books also to calm and inspire me. They help me remember that I am o.k. And another centering, calming technique is to deep breathe and make toning sounds. I soon feel peace, love, and grace. These practices help me find my soul and once again I am Home.

My job today is to live my highest truth. I know in my heart of hearts I am okay no matter what happens to my body. I truly understand there is nothing to fear except fear itself.

God's Peace to you all.




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