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February 2005

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QUESTION: Hi Suzanne. I am still enjoying your newsletter. Another question for you follows.....   In the introduction to your book 'Enlightening Cinderella' you state ..."we can only attract a partner similar to us in consciousness, with similar lessons to learn."

I have noted in and through my communication with my partner on 'hot' topics (important issues for our relationship) that although I learn a lot from the experience through his feedback and my own reactions, I always feel like I'm the 'baby' or 'inferior one' and he the 'superior one' in the interaction.

I mean it doesn't 'feel' to me like we are similar in consciousness but rather that he, is the confident and wise one or teacher, and I am the 'main' learner. What's going on here? Is this simply my perception and not the fact at all, and he's actually 'learning' just as much from me? We have been together now for 2 years and our relationship continues to be very rewarding for both of us.

                    Faith, Australia

ANSWER: Hi Faith: I appreciate your questions, keep them coming. In response to your question: You and your partner have to be in the same "range" of each other or there would be no attraction. Now he may be a grade or two ahead of you in knowledge and you perceive him as ahead of you on the path. My hunch is he has much to give and needs a receptive person to listen to what he knows and you are receptive and hungry to know higher truths to heal yourself and create your life the way you want it. Your partner may have knowledge and not have actualized what he knows. So this is the perfect time for each of you to live higher truths and live in a mature loving relationship. Over time there may be things that you know from your experiences or studying that will help him. In two years you are just getting started.





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