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August 2004

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Question:  Hi, Suzanne, I always love all your articles and may I ask you a question?  How can one recover from a grief over a loss and you donít even know what type of loss it is?  I am in my 50ís and have grieved over a ďlossĒ all my life.  I have searched and searched, but I could never find out what it was.  Itís so weird I keep loosing things, even relationships, all sorts of things!  Sometimes I think itís myself, but I donít know when, where, or how.  Can you help me?             Thanks, Lucille

 Answer:  Lucille, I think you are right on and have started answering your own question.  It is yourself you are loosing and desire to find; that is, your true, authentic self as opposed to your conditioned self.

 There are many people who can guide you on your journey.  Have you ever considered psychotherapy?  This is a good place to start.  Also some people who have spent years I therapy, respond to out-of-the-mainstream methods of healing.  There are many of the methods in the links on my website.  I cannot recommend what is right for you, however; you will have to make that call.

 The Grief Recovery Handbook, which I recommended in the last newsletter, has a couple of interesting exercises that might help you see some of the things that can give us more problems than we might think.  Things that look small at the time do affect us and add up.  You also may be very sensitive and take on the grief of another; such as something from your parents.

 Helpful teachers, authors, etc. guide us as we build awareness of self.  Sometimes we need a safe environment so our unconscious will speak to us.  I believe things are revealed when the riming is right.





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