Judith Orloff’s Guide to Intuitive Healing

5 Steps to Physical, Emotional and Sexual Wellness

by Judith Orloff, MD         

A book review by Danna Langston


Intuitive Healing is a wonderful book, giving us five steps to achieve our well-being and how to apply them in various circumstances. It is also autobiographical as Dr. Orloff shares her own experiences openly, allowing us to relate to her journey along the way. She also uses examples of her patients or clients to illustrate the healing process. In my opinion this book provides an enriching story and an extraordinary guidebook for living our life healthfully.

 Intuitive Healing was published in 2000. Last March, 2004 I went to a workshop featuring Carolyn Myss, PhD for the purpose of getting some spiritual nourishment. I was not too familiar with Dr. Myss and knew nothing about Dr. Judith Orloff who was the scheduled speaker for Sunday, the last session of the workshop. Unfortunately, Dr. Myss collapsed from exhaustion as she was getting on the plane to come to Austin and her doctors did not allow her to make the trip. Dr. Orloff was requested to be the speaker for the entire weekend and she accepted. Thus, I became acquainted with her story and her work. I was impressed with her messages, her vulnerability, her professionalism, her playfulness and her way of being. She has a new book entitled The Power of Positive Energy, but it was not yet available at the workshop, so I bought Intuitive Healing to read first. The weeks to come after the workshop were busy ones for me and I read the book in small increments. Then life turned from busy to chaotic, and it took me a few weeks to get back to it. Now, I have completed it and can report that I found it informative, supportive and enlightening.

 The five steps outlined in Intuitive Healing are 1) clarify your beliefs, 2) listen to your body’s messages, 3) access your inner guidance, 4) sense subtle energy and 5) listen to your dreams. Judith Orloff is an intuitive. She uses the term intuitive rather than psychic or clairvoyant. She followed her intuition; went to college in pursuit of a medical degree; and now she is a successful, practicing psychiatrist, lecturer and author. As she approaches each of the three areas of discussion (physical, emotional and sexual wellness) she addresses each of the five steps with detailed suggestions in accomplishing them. Her engaging style is a blend of clinical fact and personal experiences.

 The challenge for me is to implement the five steps. I certainly intend to try, because from my experience, I know that what she suggests could indeed help me to make important changes in my health. Whether I follow through or muddle through the steps, the fact remains that I enjoyed reading Intuitive Healing. I recommend this book to seekers and helpers alike for support in your adventures. Use it as a travel guide!


As I was finishing up Intuitive Healing, I happened into the bookstore looking for another book I had on my “to read” list. I could not find what I was looking for but was attracted to A Way of Being by Carl Rogers.  I bought it on impulse. Within a day of writing the following review, I had made good progress into A Way of Being (Carl R. Rogers [1902—1987] is the respected and influential psychologist who is best known and loved for his Person Centered therapy.) In the chapter “Growing Old: Or Older and Growing” there is a short section “Opening up to New Ideas”, p. 82.  Here is what Carl Rogers had to say at age 75 about his past ten years.  “During these years, I think, I have been more open to new ideas.  The ones most open to me have to do with inner space—the realm of the psychological powers and the psychic capabilities of the human person. In my estimation this area constitutes the new frontier of knowledge.”  So, then here is Judith Orloff who is indeed, among the trail blazers.  In the afterword of Intuitive Healing she states “Intuition is the future”.  She then charges her readers, but why wait?


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