It Is Time to Break Away from the Herd and Choose Individually

by John Price                 

For our meditation time, Jan and I first ponder a few passages from a book, pause for greater understanding, and then go into meditation to open to the voice of Spirit. Recently we were reading in The Workbook for Self-Mastery, originally titled The Planetary Commission. The subject matter was Chapter Seven, "The Choice Is Yours." We were particularly interested in the idea that what we accept in consciousness is a choice. Accepting and choosing are one.

A week later, I received a 9-page e-mail of a talk given by the Rev. Rich Lang, pastor of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Seattle. It was a very detailed analysis of the death of the American dream, beginning in December 2000.

After reading it, I began to think about the restrictions, constraints, and frustrations we accept in order to be more secure. And I realized that through this acceptance, a choice is made in consciousness. I also considered the ideology and agendas that we hear and read about, knowing that a large number of people accept this insanity as a religious-political "Onward Christian Soldiers" march toward therapeutic salvation. Here we have collective choice, which can be very powerful. Then on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, I had a dream. I'll give you the details later, but the next day I decided to write this article.

If this world, and what's going on in our country seems severely out of balance, it means that individually, we have accepted a form of darkness, and collectively, a divisive state of affairs has been chosen.

We could not have war, an erosion of personal freedom, suspension of Constitutional rights, religious perversion, patriotic fundamentalism, and fear-based initiatives by government unless these repressions were chosen by a substantial core group.

But you say you didn't cast your vote this way. No, but on some level of consciousness there may be a shade of acceptance of this oppression. "That's just the way it is," we might say.

But it doesn't have to be. You do not have to accept that which you, individually, do not wish to experience. This doesn't imply resistance. It means you no longer, in mind and heart, agree to, consent to restraints on personal freedom, and in the collective sense, accede to war (holy or not), so-called "sacred" violence, fundamentalist rhetoric, a climate of fear and insecurity, apocalyptic "lift-ups" and the theology of despair. (Why should we want to improve the environment if the world is in its final countdown? That's the mind-set.)

If enough people would turn their backs on these efforts to control, anchor their freedom in spiritual consciousness, and radiate the Holy Light from within, this world could be returned to sanity.

And now about the dream. On Easter Sunday afternoon, Jan and I and the dogs took a nap. In the dream I was working with a friend, and we came upon a group of men. As we approached them, they became very nervous. They began backing up. and I said, "Are you afraid of the light?" Most just looked the other way, but one man shook his head. I then raised my hands and radiated the light toward him. He started trembling, his eyes rolled up and he went into convulsions. I looked at my friend and said, "I think we've got some work to do." Then I woke up. My thought was... maybe the darkness has to have a seizure to open to the light.

I was also reminded of the dream I had on January 6, 2004, which I wrote about in Report No. 2-"For Peace, Color It Blue." In that dream, if you recall, I was shown a vortex of swirling energies, violent in appearance, and I heard the words: Do not resist, paint it blue. I then held up my hands and radiated the color blue from my palms, and almost immediately the energies slowed, collapsed into the center and disappeared.

And I remembered something the Tibetan Master, D.K., had written: The cup of sorrow and the agony of the Cross are well-nigh finished. Instead of sorrow we shall have a joy which will work out in happiness, and lead eventually to bliss. The full tide of light is inevitably moving upon its way towards us. (The Rays and the Initiations, 1960)

The Light is here. Let's release it, and one of the most efficient ways to do that is through meditation. I'm talking about true meditation, not a problem-solving exercise or a way to influence Spirit to meet needs that have already been met. It's going within to the space between the lines of thought and attaining the spiritual light. We find our point of contact within—in consciousness-where mind and Spirit become one in experience. It's moving into a state of transcendental consciousness where we touch the light of Spirit and let it shine through us to heal and harmonize the pockets of darkness. As I wrote in The Jesus Code: "We begin as one individual...reaching out to bond with those who know they are the visible expressions of the invisible God." And the vortex of swirling energies is seized and collapses.

Remember, energy follows thought. The American Dream can be resurrected, but we definitely have some work to do-daily.

The words of Martin Luther King Jr. seem to be important here.

Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows ...we must either learn to live together as brothers, or we are all going to perish together as fools. We must find an alternative to war if we are to have peace on earth...we must develop a world perspective. No individual can live alone; no nation can live alone, and as long as we try, the more we are going to have war in this world.

As the world moves toward the end and a new beginning, it will continue to mirror the illusion of darkness as the dominant force. ... Peace is denied to all who encroach in the name of national security, to those who violate spiritual principles in the name of religion, to those whose cause is considered more moral or just than another, to those who serve only for selfish interests, for they will remain in the shadows. ... The family environment, the communities, the nations, the world can only be saved through spiritual consciousness— not through verbal persuasion, religious conversion, theological decrees, political aggrandizement, or any other human endeavor.from The Jesus Code

John Randolph Price is an internationally known lecturer and bestselling author. of eighteen nonfiction books: The Angels Within Us, Angel Energy, Living a Life of Joy, The Superbeings published by Ballantine/Random House. Published byHay House are The Abundance Book, The Alchemist's Handbook, Empowerment, The Jesus Code, The Love Book, The Meditation Book, Practical Spirituality, A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World, The Success Book, The Superbeings (trade edition), The Wellness Book, With Wings As Eagles, The Workbook for Self-Mastery (formerly titled The Planetary Commission), Removing the Masks That Bind Us, and Nothing Is Too Good To Be True. His books, published in many languages, have sold in the millions.                        Visit his website:

This article is republished from the Quartus Report, June 2004. John and his wife started the Quartus Foundation in 1981.  The Word "Quartus" denotes the four-square aspect of each individual: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. The foundation is a research and communications organization with the stated purpose of probing the mysteries of Ageless Wisdom and integrating those interminable truths with spiritual metaphysics. By combining the dynamics of mind with the unlimited potential of universal laws, the ancient principle of energy follows thought is confirmed. With this understanding as a key, a door opens to a new philosophy of life that is both practical and rewarding.

John and Jan Price are also the founders of World Healing Day which originated on December 31, 1986

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