Want To Exude Charisma and Be More Attractive?

Express Yourself!

By Sandra Zimmer   

 One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is self-expression.  People who express themselves fully are healthier, happier, more confident and energetic, and much more attractive.  That’s because expression of your inner thoughts and feelings releases negativity from your body and being. 

To express means “to push out”.  When you express, you externalize your inner thoughts and feelings.  Expression clears your body, mind and emotions of negativity allowing your life force to flow freely in your body. You radiate a light that glows from within.  You feel relaxed and open to connect with others.  People can sense your openness and are drawn to you like a magnet.

But don’t take my word for it.  Discover it for yourself.  Save this article for a bad day. The next time you are feeling angry, sad or low in energy, try this self-expression exercise and see what happens. Go to a place where you have privacy and can make noise. You will need a chair.

 Step 1   Imagine that “The You That Feels Bad”  is seated in the chair.

Step 2   Stand in front of the chair and talk out loud to the imaginary “You” that is seated in the chair.  Say, “(Your name), I understand how you feel. You feel __________ and ________ and _________, etc.  I really understand all of that.”

Step 3   Ask, “Is there anything else I don’t understand?”

Step 4   Now, actually sit down in the chair.  Say out loud anything else you think or feel about it all.

Step 5   Stand up again and say, “I understand that you also feel____.”

Step 6   Now lie down, relax and breathe.  Notice any difference. You may feel a little silly, but you may also feel more calm, energized and open to connect to others.  The simple act of creatively expressing how you feel, releases the intensity and frees you for connection to others.


Self-expression can help you transform your life so you become all that you want to be.  I hope this helps.


Sandra Zimmer
The Self-Expression Center
11221 Richmond Ave., Suite C-104
Houston, TX 77082
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