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Question: I suffer from chronic pain and then anxiety, sometimes severe, over the pain. I have been in therapy and get massages, which helped for a while. Friends suggest self-help books, but I am not good at reading. I do not know if my current therapy is right for me. What do you suggest, as I am very tired of the situation and feel I need something more to help me?

Answer: A self-help book or a therapy session is like taking a piano lesson, without practice there is not much chance you will learn to play the piano. Taking full responsibility for your healing is in order. You will find moments of relief when turning over your power to another to make you well; however, disappointment follows as the healing is not maintained by you. Others can show you the way, but you have to do the work.


Question: What do you mean by work?

Answer: You have to become a detective and take the time to go through the process to become well. It is necessary to let the process take as long as it takes, to stop comparing your healing process with anyone else’s, and to let go of unreal expectations on your part.


Question: What do you mean by detective?

Answer: You have to look for clues in your life that caused you to have so much body pain. For example, there are experiences from your past that you could not accept or understand. Experiences need to be digested and assimilated into emotional awareness, the same as food for the physical body. The only way you currently know how to get rid of these experiences it through the body. As a detective you might look at the metaphors of your illness to begin to understand what your body is saying to you. You can do this through meditation, journal writing, talking to an aware person, or reading books, such as Louise Hayes, You Can Heal Your Life.


Question: What else do I need to do?

Answer: Look at your belief system to see where it supports illness and stops you from healing. You made decisions, both conscious and unconscious, about yourself and life, especially about significant emotional events in your life. It is necessary to root out beliefs you bought into that are false and update them. For example, "Things just happen in life. I am powerless to change my life. If only I could find the right person and take the right drug, then I will be well." These types of beliefs keep you childlike. To update them it is necessary to say things to yourself; such as, "I love and accept myself. I take responsibility for my life. I have the power to change what I do not like, finding the causes and removing them from my system. I accept love and support from caring others to help me find my wholeness."



*Before you apply this information to your life, please check with a professional health care provider to help you evaluate the appropriateness to your situation.





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