Sweetness of Life

By Nancy Moonstarr

I began this topic with thoughts of how to create love. Love is something we all want to experience and a beginning for us in any endeavor or experience we undertake-even if we don't recognize it as love. "Under the taking on" of something, we feel some stirring in us. Next, I decided to ask what love feels like to others. Similar answers came back whether it referred to romantic or other forms of Love; "it's sweet or feels calming, just how I want or right".

Life takes on a new feel and ok-ness with being in a place of love. Finances, divorce and changes around kids, job and other responsibilities somehow move to a less urgent place. We feel 'in the flow'. Possibilities open up and healing from past hurts is available.

In an instant, life's past can be transformed. Recall that love of anyone or thing begins this luscious movement away from negative contamination or condemnation of self or other. Being in love with anything such as Nature, an animal, baby, new romantic partner, or warmth from a bath can begin this process.

What to do when we get stuck or need a nudge? Well, here are some suggestions. Create a list of ten or as many people you would call or email or contact if you really needed help beyond yourself. This list of others can potentially give one a 'jump start' on this task. I say 'jump start' because the fact remains that we all carry love with us every moment anyway, but sometimes we forget. When we forget we may be too far down the rabbit hole to get ourselves back on track so need to lean on another. A therapist, on-line help, videos or attending a group designed to assist in this way may also help.

To refresh this process for yourself:

1. Breathe as deep as is comfortable and soften or close your eyes.

2. Notice what thoughts are going on in your head and attempt to not judge them.

3. Clear your mind as best you can, by removing of at least acting as if thoughts were absent.

4. Chose an intention, a thought, an idea of what you'd like to get into your mind to experience.

5. Image yourself having and feeling what it feels like to have the intention even momentarily.

6. Acknowledge any resistance.

Further, you can write out what you experience to the above items. If you find you cannot get a feel for what it would be like to attain your intention, ask a close other to do it for you and describe exactly how it feels to be that. Every time you create that feeling, that is associated with creating what it is that you want or your intention, you deliver a positive message to your neurons, brain and environment. That intention sets you in motion to move into it, or get more of it. Again, if you need to think about someone else's eyes can see and feel it, then use them to assist you in moving in this direction. Remember to write about any resistance and see how far back in time you are able to go to identify that which is stopping you. See if you can identify precisely what prevents your intention from reaching you. Write, read, seek help and research into this to release or at least identify a beginning place to heal next. Remember, there is always help. If more than one person has recommended a direction to take or help to seek, it's probably worth your while to check that out and follow-up with their suggestion. These precious principles will come up again in future articles and group work... so get familiar with them.





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