You Make a Difference

by Suzanne E. Harrill

There are so many good people in the world making a difference, some in small ways, others in larger ways. Many people get discouraged after watching the world scene in the news. It takes vigilance sometimes to remain tuned into all the good that is happening in the world and to focus on where you can make a difference. How empowered do you feel to make a difference in creating a better world? I know we have more power individually than we think and it grows by aligning with others wanting similar outcomes, those focusing on the higher good for all.

Most of you reading this already make the world a better place. You make a difference for the greater good of the collective and understand that you create each day with your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. You already influence others with your attitude, ability to make eye contact, the tone of your voice, and the intentions behind the words you speak. Those of you who have spent time examining your life and value self-awareness automatically have a positive effect on others. The more you live being your true, authentic, aware self you add to, rather than subtract from the greater good of the whole.

Many of us want to be informed about what is happing in the world and watching the news is common practice. I do not watch the news to avoid putting pictures of the worst things happening on the planet into my subconscious mind that feeds negativity, fear, and anxiety. I support reading from different sources reporting news in the world. Currently, this is tricky because much of the news reported is biased and slanted. It saddens me that much of the news is designed to support polarization, triggering fear, anger, and anxiety. One day we will use this power to support in a big way problem solving with collaboration of different opinions, fostering peace, love, joy, and understanding. I visualize often a future where there is a joint effort with large numbers of people to work together for the betterment of the planet.

After reading the news, I like to read events reported by The Good News Network. Why? Because I want to know about the good things people are doing around the world and find it is the antidote to "regular" news. We each have the choice to cycle down or cycle up when learning what is happening in the world. How do we cycle up? By focusing our minds on the people making a difference, using our interests and talents to help others, making choices in our own lives to listen to different points of view, and to practice collaboration. It is important to feed our high visions for the collective future. The more of us visualizing peace, kindness, collaboration, and looking for solutions to problems we build the momentum and eventually will meet the critical mass for positive change in a big way. This already does happen on smaller scales.

There is a lot of good happening around the world and that feeds my spirit; this is where I choose to align my consciousness. I experience so many good people in my own life who have uplifting attitudes, care about others, and add positive energy to the world. Some people are actively working to make positive changes. Some do it quietly by practicing mindfulness, sending love and blessings, praying, or meditating for the highest good of all.

I will share one example of a woman who is making a difference in a quiet way. We all can learn from her. I met Golnar out walking in the park near my house recently. She came up behind me on one of the walking paths. We made eye contact, I smiled, and then we chit chatted for a minute. I knew she was a very quiet, probably introverted person. We had passed many times out walking in the past year. She always looked down, so we never made eye contact or said hello to each other. As we walked that day, I could tell she had a lot on her mind. Being more extraverted, I was guided to mention a challenge I had been dealing with. She immediately opened up and shared some health challenges going on for her; we felt a subtle bond of trust immediately. As we continued to walk together, I learned she liked to meditate and pray for others while in the park. Then she said, "When I was walking behind you, I was silently saying prayers for your health." Well that deeply touched me. Here is a perfect example of a person who has a lot of challenges in her life, and who makes a difference for the greater good in the world. Sending loving kindness, healing prayers to others is a special gift she gives to humanity.

You can see there are very simple things we can do to make the world a better place. I encourage you to use your power on an individual level, and align with those solving the problems of the world making improvements for our collective future. Instead of feeling powerless to make a difference start thinking and saying, "I make a difference. I align with others looking for healthy solutions for the higher good of the whole."

If I have sparked your interest in making a difference, here are some ideas to help you spiral up by working on your conscious awareness.

  1. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Practice self-care and self-forgiveness. Reflect this love and acceptance to everyone you meet.

  1. Actualize your gifts and talents, then share them with others. Others will appreciate what you have to offer. I play with art and give small paintings to others. I had to tone down my negative mind at first that was constantly critiquing my work. People have been extremely appreciative to receive a painting. I have watched that someone always choses a painting I don't like. This has happened so many times that I now know to let go and give my gift feeling upbeat and happy.

  1. Live your life from your spiritual presence. Your true, authentic self knows how to make a difference.

  1. Be an observer of yourself. Notice when you go unconscious and reactive when emotionally triggered, unhappy, angry, bored, numbing your feelings, disagree with another, or are hurt by another. One way to change being responsive instead of reactive is to use a bird's eye view to look at yourself. Looking at the bigger picture reminds you what is really important and to let go of the small stuff. If it is big stuff, take the time to determine what you are willing to do about it and then act. Be honest with yourself. When stuck reach out for support to move to higher ground from a close friend, therapist, teacher, etc. Be a silent witness to all you see in yourself and others.

  1. Practice equanimity. Learn there is a place in awareness that lives beyond duality, both in your inner and outer worlds. It begins by moving beyond polarities within. Become aware of your biases, opinions, and prejudices. They will unbalance you as you view the world and others. Instead of immediately reacting to another's actions or opinions because you disagree, train yourself to be neutral when you hear something you dislike. Listen to other points of view. Stop participating in the negativity of group bashing people, behaviors, or beliefs. There is a still point between all opposites, a place of balance like the fulcrum balancing a rod or see saw. Focusing your awareness at this still point allows you to experience unity consciousness and oneness.

You make a difference!





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