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Relationship Cord Healing

By Christof Melchizedek

Daily we come in contact with others, sometimes in harmony and sometimes with friction. When things are bumpy or chaotic between you and a friend, family member, or lover you experience triggers, upsets, and heavy emotions that are relatively unpleasant.

The most important thing to know about relationships is that they act as mirrors in our life, reflecting what we have inside of us.  When another projects frustration, anger, or resentment onto us, it is a reflection of what still resides inside of us. "If anger comes out, it is because there is anger inside."

Sometimes certain people really irritate us. It's not the person per se, it is simply the person reflecting a wound that is inside of us. Sometimes we send projections back towards the person, which makes it worse. It is this interaction which creates the uneasiness that we sometimes feel in relationships. 

The current state of our harmony or dis-harmony is a reflection of the current state of our bio-energy field's interaction with another.  We are either in coherence or discordance with another.  When we are in harmony, our auric fields fuse together and dance and weave in a beautiful unison.  If there is a dissonance, then there can be walls, spikes, spears, and blocks coming between us. 

When we care deeply for another our personal bio-energy field and the other's personal bio-energy field are connected with relationship chords. These chords are like fluid, flexible, and energetic ropes that evolve and move as the emotions between each other move. The stronger the connection and the more emotional our relationship, the stronger the energetic chord. When there is dissidence between you and another it will empower the relationship if you work on your own emotional reactions. Add to this unconditional love. As you do the dance differently the relationship improves. Sometimes these chords benefit from healing and repairing which harmonizes the energy flow between the two.

Occasionally, we need to set boundaries or remove people from our life for our own ongoing well-being and personal sovereignty. In these cases, we can cut these relationship cords to prevent the energetic flow of consciousness from between us. Whether we want to heal relationships or distance ourselves from certain people, the relationship chords provide the energetic gateway of energy and consciousness between us and others.

Christof Melchizedek is a spiritual teacher and healer. Read about him at He has two audio files for purchase to work with the energetic cords between you and another. One, Relationship Cord Healing is designed to strengthen relationships with loved ones. Or it can be used to focus specifically on a relationship that that needs help. The second audio, Relationship Cord Cutting, helps you cut the relationship cords between you and people you no longer wish to have in your life.





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