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By Suzanne E. Harrill

(Imagine your own voice speaking to you.)

All-knowing God is everywhere present all the time. I am one with this loving source of my being.

I accept the Christ Light growing brighter in me daily, balancing my inner and outer world. By recognizing this light in myself, I easily reflect it to each person I meet. This light of understanding moves me to a neutral place of non-judgement and unconditional love in challenging circumstances. I am the observer remembering often to look behind appearances seeing the wonder of the Christ in each person I meet. I am kind and loving.

I use stumbling blocks on my path to become more aware. Any issue or person causing me pain is an opportunity for healing and growth. I know I have the power to improve all situations in my life by allowing the living power of Divine Presence to guide me. Courage moves me forward with right action to confront these dilemmas. I practice forgiveness, knowing I am released from bondage to any person or situation. I deep breathe often to feel deep peace. I feel my inner freedom as I balance body, mind, and spirit.

I have learned many lessons and grown in maturity to accept myself exactly the way I am today. When undue self-criticism and self-doubt sneak in, I practice self-compassion and continue to do the inner work to heal myself further.  I am awakening and realizing the beauty and perfection of my life and all it brings. I truly love myself, knowing I am a unique, one of a kind expression of God. As I love myself, I easily love all people feeling the oneness of humanity. 

I am creating the best vessel in which to receive guidance from my Divine Self. My body is my best friend. I love my body and my body loves me. I listen when my body talks. I speak kindly to my body as I would a good friend. We forgive each other for less aware times that have brought challenges and life lessons. My body and I, today, resonate with high awareness.

My life is unfolding in amazing ways. I live each day with meaning and purpose. I am expanding my horizons, growing my world larger to include new things I am inspired to explore and experience. I make choices to feel my joy, paying attention to my highest preferences. I allow spirit to flow through me opening doors to my creativity. I am inspired to use my talents and gifts to serve others. I am living my Spiritual Purpose.

Thank you, God, for opening my mind and my heart to receive my good. I celebrate seeing illumination on my path. I appreciate my physical body and my creativity. I am grateful that I trust the process of transformation to operate easily in my life.  Thank you, God, for using me to be of service to others as I live my unique spiritual purpose. I am blessed.

And so it is.




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