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Becoming an Everyday Mystic

By Meredith Young-Sowers

God considers us in a mystical way whenever we put Love at the top of our list. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of myself as an everyday mystic until I had one of those mind-shifting and heart-opening experiences that, symbolically, told me that loving was indeed enough.

It was early morning, and I was sitting in bed struggling with my purpose. Oh, I knew what the work was or seemed to be—but what was my soul’s purpose? Was I doing what God had intended? I felt uncertain.

Old fears had crept in over the previous months as I found myself losing interest in teaching workshops, and I wondered what Spirit had in mind next. Was there more? I found a personal inner truth that seemed impassable—I didn’t want to continually create materials using here today and gone tomorrow concepts, that were just sugar-coating around the real thing. I wanted to teach what had lasting meaning—that love is all there is.

As I poured my heart out to God, a book I had been reading on Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian holy man, fell off the back of the headboard and landed squarely in my lap. There on the cover was a picture of Sai Baba. He wore an orange robe and his extraordinary head of hair looked like a giant afro. But his eyes, they completely captured me.

I decided that Sai Baba was the one to ask, and so I sobbed my way through an explanation of my troubled heart. The second I finished my extended prayer, the telephone rang. At first I wasn’t going to pick it up because I was having this important conversation with God, and I didn’t want to be interrupted with a mundane phone call. But fearing one of the children perhaps needed help, I reluctantly padded over the to bedroom phone and picked it up.

It was my mother, who lives in the next town. She told me in a rather hushed tone that she had been sitting in her favorite chair rather quietly when suddenly she heard inside that she was to call me and tell me, "God knows—God knows." She asked, "Does that mean anything to you?"

My mother is not normally given to such thoughts, and at first I couldn’t even respond to her—I couldn’t comprehend such a connection, either its immediacy or that it was connecting to God.

But slowly I did realize that Sai Baba was in fact acknowledging my heartfelt plea. I hung up and leaned back in the chair. As my eyes traveled up the wall toward the ceiling, there on the white wall was the perfect image of a human figure. It was lit with gold. In the center of the chest, in the area of the deep heart, a brilliant fuchsia light radiated out. The image was good sized and stayed for what seemed a long time. Eventually the image faded, and still I sat there. I heard the message in my own heart—Yes, it is enough to love for love is all there is.

Indeed, we are all everyday mystics, whether or not we have obvious experiences that confirm that our loving matters. Perhaps, if reading this scenario touches your heart, then you have your own answer about who you are.


Inner Knowing

Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers, DDiv, is an expert in the field of integrative healing. Her specialty is the role that emotions and spiritual energy play in the healing process. She has developed the Stillpoint Model of Integrative Life Healing as a way to share her in-depth understanding of healing with students around the world. Her previous books include Wisdom Bowls and Agartha: Journey to the Stars. The Stillpoint Foundation website is

This article is taken from her new book, Spirit HealsAwakening a Woman's Inner Knowing for Self-Healing, New World Library, 2007. This book has everything you need: love, grace, science, energy, innovation, permission, and the spirit to heal and live fully and powerfully.

Drawing on 27 years as a gifted medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, Meredith gives you a loving and livable healing plan that puts your connection to Spirit at the very center—exactly where it should be.




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