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“Affirmative prayer is a form of prayer or a metaphysical technique that is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation.” Wikipedia

After listening to many people on both sides of the fence complain, become polarized, and at the least not like the president’s egoic style of management, I found myself talking to Donald in the early morning hours. When this happened a second night, I thought to myself, “I really need to write this down.”  I believe it is unproductive to be judgmental in speaking of the president, or anyone else, and that if enough of us send high thoughts to Donald it will positively impact him. Following is an affirmative prayer based on my early morning talks with Donald. If it feels right, join me to build spiritual insight in the president’s decision making choices.

Affirmative Prayer for Donald Trump

February 22, 2017
By Suzanne Harrill

 Purpose: For Donald to lead from Divine Presence

Divine Love is all there is. Donald is part of the greater whole as is each of us. We all are a living expression of Divine Mind, creating as individual sparks of consciousness.

I know Donald is waking up to his true Self, releasing negative early conditioning and the need to take or give offense. Donald is growing in awareness daily and learning the difference between ruling from the ego verses the soul. I see Donald using his focus to make positive changes for the greater good. Donald is remembering his greater mission and learning to make wise decisions for The United States based on right action. I see Donald realizing the value of separating Church and state, allowing for individual differences and cultural and religious diversity.

I see Donald understanding the responsibility he has to bring people together, to move beyond polarized political points of view, and to make decisions that serve the greater good. I know Donald is up for this great honor of being a positive force as President.

Thank you, Life, for giving me the ability to see beyond appearances, to release judgements, and to unconditionally love and accept Donald to be a great leader of the US. I am grateful to support the good Donald brings to the country and the world. I want this or something better.

And So It Is.


Writing Your Own Affirmative Prayers
If you want to learn how to write an affirmative prayer, I will give you a template from Dr. Earnest Holms author of, The Science of Mind. He called them spiritual mind treatments. I will fill in each step with an example. Use words that you resonate with.

Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment

Purpose for writing the prayer:
Being a strong channel for love, light, truth, peace, beauty, power, and awareness to express through me and for using my creative talents to serve others. Allowing me to further actualize my spiritual purpose.

Stage 1: Recognition:
The abundant, creative, Spiritual Universe is all there is.

Stage 2: Unification:
I am a part of the oneness of all creation. God and I are one.

Stage3: Realization:
Infinite Spirit knows the next step for me to actualize my gifts to serve humanity. I am a channel for Good. I joyfully allow God to use me as an instrument for Good, Truth, Peace, Love, and Light. I accept my next assignment with Joy.

Stage 4: Thanksgiving:
I am blessed in all areas of my life. I am grateful for the love in my relationships with my husband, daughters, grandchildren, sister, and friends. Life fills me with joy each time I see or think about my grandchildren. I am grateful for my creative gifts and my awareness of the power of God within me. Thank you God for the abundance experienced in my life.

Stage 5: Release:
I know and feel this truth right now this instant. I let go and let God. And so it is so!





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