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Spring 2015

Slowing the Pace

"Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to being less aware, and therefore be less responsible for my life. It takes a lot of energy to continually transform my personality, my actions, and my beliefs. I know I asked to see all parts of myself and sometimes itís overwhelming to see what I do not like. In reality, I know I cannot return to being unaware. I can, however, take a break from the fast track pace of self-discovery. I enjoy a pause in growth today, as a slower pace nurtures me."

-- from Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself
by Suzanne Harrill, M.Ed.


This Month's Issue:

Forgiveness the Antidote
for Toxic Emotions

By Suzanne E. Harrill

Recipes - Almost Vegan

Choosing Self-Care As A Guiding Principle In Your Life

By Jane S. Schreiner

What Is Your True Story?

by Ann T. Johnston


Enlighten Up

Suzanne E. Harrill

Suzanne has a talent for helping others know and accept themselves, solve problems, build good relationships, and grow in consciousness. She easily reflects acceptance and love to others, which encourages them to love themselves. This she does through writing, counseling, and professional speaking. Read the rest of the bio here.

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Greetings from the Editor:

Suzanne and grandson Kipton

Full Time of Life

I never thought that when I had little kids they’d grow up and I would have adult relationships with them. Now that my three daughters are way past being grown up I am really enjoying each relationship and the group together. Now I look at my five grandkids and think the same thing, wondering what path their life choices will take them and curious what an adult relationship will be like with each – different than I can imagine I suspect.

I had an experience recently that reminded me of my early relationship with my third daughter. Two requests came to me asking to reprint my children’s self-esteem cards, affirmation cards first created in 1988. I remember the first time I printed these rainbow colored cards – enough cards to make 2,500 copies of the cards. This means 44 cards in the deck times 2,500 which equaled 110,000 individual cards. My family endured stacks of these cards running through the living and dining rooms of the house. This memory makes me think hard and long about reprinting them, since I am the main one who collates them, at times with the help from family and friends. I did print a smaller batch this time and smiled the whole time while collating them. It brought back many memories of my youngest daughter who was 8 years old at the time. I paid her and her friends for each set they collected and put into a zip baggie. This daughter was at my house with her new baby watching me collate some of the current affirmation cards. We laughed about some of those early memories with the cards all over the house.

Fortunate Blessings,



More of my favorite articles from old issues of The Innerwords Messenger:



Forgiveness the Antidote for Toxic Emotions

By Suzanne E. Harrill

Most of us would agree that forgiveness is part of a healthy, balanced life-style.  Just as French fries, chips, and soft drinks on a regular basis are toxic to our physical well-being, hurt, resentment, and anger are toxic to our emotional well-being.

It is easy to not recognize them, deny them, and we want to get our minds on something happier and positive with our mind-over-matter strategies. Then, we are not trained to understand the language of feelings and emotions so they get less attention than our behavior, choices, goals, and actions.

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Almost Vegan

Quinoa, Kale Tabouli

Paleo Lasagne

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Special Offer

Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself

By Suzanne E. Harrill

MONTHLY ON LINE AFFIRMATIONS.  Affirmations to support self-esteem and spiritual growth now available in monthly installments. From Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself, Cultivating the Garden of Your Mind Day by Day.

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Choosing Self-Care As A Guiding Principle In Your Life
By Jane S. Schreiner

For this post, let’s look at choosing self-care as a guiding principle in your life.  This is about living as though you value yourself as much as you value others.  The idea here is that by looking out for our own wellbeing first, we will be the best that we can be.  From that point, we have more to contribute to those around us as well as the world in general.  There’s more smiling, more patience, more active caring.  Imagine everyone bringing that to their everyday.  That would be a powerful force for good at large in the world.

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What Is Your True Story?

by Ann T. Johnston

As you begin the New Year, you may be asking yourself many questions about your life and life direction, trying to do things differently. You may think you know exactly who you are and exactly where you are trying to go and you may be succeeding. But if you are reading this, it is also possible you are still searching for answers, possibly even a new road map. So, if your life direction and goals are not yet defined, you might consider asking yourself this: What is your true story?

By this I mean, what is the truth about your life and your soul’s purpose? Do you trust yourself, your intuitions, your deepest beliefs? Are you willing to follow your heart, and, if so, how deeply will you reach inside yourself to find your passion? How far are you willing to travel beyond the limits of your conditioned beliefs to express your soul’s true potential?

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Enlighten Up   --    Humor

The Ugly Duckling

Last Respects


The Phone Call

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Why There Are More Women Than Men

What's Your Sign?

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