The Key to Finding Soulmates

By Rom Wills

Yes, this is yet another article on how to find your soulmate but with a twist.   I’m a student of the school of thought called the Natural Blueprint of Relationships (Natural Blueprint) founded by Master Yao Nyamekye Morris (   In this school of thought it is taught that a person has not one soulmate, which is seen as a romantic ideal, but rather several soulmates, whose purpose is to help a person with their life mission.   Before going further let me explain the basis of these beliefs.

The foundation of the Natural Blueprint is sexuality.   To understand the key to finding soulmates, one must understand sexuality and the purpose of sexual relationships.   Most people believe that sexual relationships begin at puberty when a teenager’s hormones spike and they begin to notice the opposite sex.  To truly understand sexuality we have to go back to a time before we were born.  We have to go back to the spirit world.  In our existence in the spirit world we are able to express both masculine and feminine attributes.  We are complete.  When we are born on Earth we take on a male or female body.  Once we take on a body, traits that were available to us in the spirit world are partially suppressed on the Earth plane.  A spirit born as a man in most cases will not be able to express the feminine qualities he may have had in the spirit world.  The reason is that the male body is biologically suited to express masculine energy.  The feminine traits, however, are still there but buried deep within him.  This is the case for women as well.  Most are born better able to express their feminine side while their masculine side is suppressed.   The suppressed traits if a person are referred to as the Sexual Id.

The Sexual ID represents the traits a person would have if they were born the opposite sex.  For example a macho, seductive man, if born as a female, would be submissive and alluring.  A woman who is by nature maternal and nurturing, would, as a man, be paternal and protective.   The Sexual Id also represents the traits that will attract us most strongly to someone.  People are attracted to the persons who most closely resemble their ID.    There isn’t one specific person that resembles their ID but rather several.   The key is for a person to recognize their ID.   In order for a person to do this they must know their purpose for being on Earth.  They must know their incarnation objective.

When a spirit incarnates on Earth it is not a random event or an accident.  Incarnation is a conscious decision by a spirit to undertake a specific mission while on Earth.  The mission is usually multifaceted.  For example, a spirit may incarnate in order to overcome the negative character trait of jealousy, while at the same time they will have the mission of developing a new form of music.  The Sexual ID comes into play because in order to complete the mission the person will need the traits contained within the ID.  Thus in order to fulfill their incarnation objective, a person would have to find someone who has his or her Id traits.  For example, a man whose mission is to build a school will have the traits necessary to raise the money, find a building, and develop a curriculum.  His weakness, however, is that he doesn’t have the traits necessary to run the daily operations of the school and to relate to parents and children.  His ideal mate will have those traits that will enable her to run the school and deal with the people.  Indeed this is her incarnation objective.  The man and woman will complete each other.

Now the issue becomes how to live one’s incarnation objective or their life purpose.    The first thing is to determine one’s life purpose.   There are two general ways to do this.  One is obtain a reading from a diviner or medium.   Essentially what they do is communicate with your spirit to determine your reason for coming to Earth.   The best way, however, is introspection.   A person needs to know themselves.   The vast majority of people walking around out here are not living their purpose.  They are working on jobs they hate, married to people they despise and are going through the motions of life serving the needs of everyone but themselves.   A person needs to ask themselves what they REALLY want to do in life.  They need to ask themselves what are really passionate about.   It could be cooking, it could be gardening, it could be stamp collecting.   Once one determines their passions they must take steps towards living out that passion.   An interesting thing will happen.  Once a person starts living their passion their life will begin to change.  They will lose friends from their old life but gain friends and allies who are harmony with their new life purpose.   As they move along they will encounter several people with whom they will share a spiritual affinity.  Among these people will be not one but several soulmates.   Some will be platonic, some will be romantic, all will help the person achieve their incarnation objective.

When the average person looks for a soulmate they look outside of themself.    The key to finding soulmates is to look within to find and live their life purpose.  Once this is done a person will not have to look for soulmates.   Soulmates will come to them.

Rom Wills is the author of Nice Guys and Players and Sexual Chemistry.   His blog is

© 2010 by Romuald P. Wills





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