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Remembrance Of Our True Nature

By Jacquelyn Small

You gradually start to remember who you are through visions your Higher Self sends down into your brain, offering you glimpses of our bigger story, of all you came here to be, and showing you portions of your life's work as it is ready to unfold. I call these visions "soul events," that reveal themselves upon the larger canvass of our inner life, and only happen spontaneously in their own timing. This Self-remembrance brings with it a thundering awareness that we are co-creators and totally responsible for all that we think about and do.

This expanded self-definition brings fear at first, because none of us feel that we are good enough to be that perfect image our Creator carries of each one of us. Gradually, however, as we realize that we are truly sons and daughters of God, we discover that "perfection" simply means being oneself authentically, flaws and all. And we find we do have the courage to accept our holy fate. Then we will no longer block the automatic dissolution of any old, dysfunctional patterns that are in our way of being fully ourselves. We "let go and let God."

Today, the Higher Self is reclaiming its vehicle, our ego personalities. The ego is being called now to refine and turn toward expressing the true desires of the human Soul. Many I meet today are feeling this Call to let go and come fully into themselves. And much fear is up right now all over our planet as we see that the ego has run to the edge of its own demise. The rapid purification process that accompanies this identity shift is shaking up our bodies, emotions, and minds, because we are now being required to resonate to higher, more refined frequencies that bring us a whole new point of view. The trials that accompany this purification process, we must also be willing to face and pass on through, making sure we commit to do the inner work required to cleanse our psyches of all unwanted selfish or limiting habits and beliefs.

The evolution of our awareness of divinity has been slow, but at certain points in each of our lives, as well as in humanity as a whole, critical moments are reached, and crises emerge and must be transcended. Each of these moments is an initiation which leaves the person or the human race expanded in love and understanding. Today humanity sits at the threshold of such an expansion, about to step upon a higher rung of the evolutionary ladder. And here's a rather humorous warning from esoteric wisdom teacher, Dion Fortune:

"People who cannot deal with life successfully
upon a single plane of existence are ill-advised
to multiply their difficulties by expanding their

It's no wonder there is so much bewilderment and chaos in our current world situation. We are experiencing a process of temporary destruction for an immanent rebuilding of our world. Consequently, a restructuring of each human life is also underway. Perhaps the height of material achievement has been reached here on our planet. Now comes the opportunity for that subtle divine Self to manifest through the experience we call "a new birth." Or perhaps it is simply the time for consciousness to catch up with technology! Each individual soul must hear the new "Word" for oneself. It comes from the center of each human heart.

The symbol of the Cross, with its two-directional opposing forces, offers the imagination an inspired image on which to focus while we awaken to the purpose of our human suffering, and slowly release its hold on us. One arm represents the horizontal, or earthly, direction that unfolds the outer conditions and events that shape us. We take on the human condition through the roles we play in everyday situations. When this arm of the Cross is perceived as the only reality, we tend to fixate on each other and the outer materialistic aspects of life to feel secure, pleasured, or worthy.

The vertical arm of the Cross represents the inner dimension, the spiritual life. This arm is the hidden, uncarved side of consciousness, experienced as a field of rapidly-spinning energy that is transformational in nature. Spirituality can be defined as that internal moving force that perpetuates our yearning to be whole. The vertical subjective life expands and heals our psycho-spiritual inner nature, enabling us to live in the outer world as more integrated, wise, and loving. To focus inwardly and received the gifts of Spirit strengthens us in spiritual stature. These are the highly energetic forces of Evolution itself at play in our lives.

When these energies lift us "above the horizon" we experience those high moments of feeling in touch with God or the heaven worlds; we have entered the Superconscious Mind. Spontaneous healings, manifestations of the sacred, and revelations occur through the workings of the vertical arm of the Cross. We travel here through dreams, meditation, deep contemplation, prayer, spontaneous mystical experiences, music, breathwork, hypnosis, trance dance, symbolic artwork, or other means of altering ordinary consciousness.

When the energies of transformation move us "below the horizon" they churn up our separate ego's past that needs to be made conscious and healed aspects of our nature that have gotten lost in time and never integrated. These unhealed relationships and events arise to the surface to be met, acknowledged and accepted in the light of love. This psychological inner work can consume our consciousness while being dealt with and can put us "in process." It's important to have a guide and do this work in a safe container. In our work, we call this "cooking." Parts of us are literally burning in the alchemical fires of the heart. And though this more psychological process seems less glorious than the loftier spiritual experiences, they are every bit as sacred, for each time we clear something from the past, we automatically rise in consciousness.

Living simultaneously on both arms of the Cross is the work of co-creation. Our lives take on both a numinous, transcendent quality with high meaning and purpose, as well as the more painful purification of our egos, and ordinary human experiences. We learn from the inside out that we are both human and divine!

The magic of the inner life, studied and honored as real, is the path of the mystic. Orthodox religion is the outer form of the inner religious life. Mystics experience God; theologians study God. Mysticism is the age-old religion that heals the human psyche. It is the Path of Direct Knowledge, where things unseen are accepted as real through a growing internal certainty based on one's own subjective experiences that are numinous in nature, containing insight, illumination or healing events that are buried deep within the human psyche. Walking the mystical path is a journey into the Self and back out again in the world as healer, as teacher, or simply as one "who has been twice born." The Path itself is the Teacher. We gain wisdom only in one way: by becoming the Path. The Way of the Christ, the Way of the Buddha.

As an archetype, it's the Bodhisattva, or World Server, who guides this journey and provides the blueprint for who we are to become when we enter this Path. You can invoke the World Server by simply making this inner archetype your focus, by honoring it so much and so longing to be "likened unto it" that you just naturally start to take on its qualities and express them here in this world. And you will live in the inner bliss and freedom of knowing God both within and without, in nature, in yourself and others, in experiences, and in the cosmos.

Mystics live in Self-remembrance, knowing that when faith is rich and love is pure, all things are possible - maybe not in the ways we've thought them to be, but in ways only known to Spirit.

"It is only with the heart that one sees rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye."
- St. Exupery, The Little Prince

Eupsychia's retreat programs founded in soul-based psychology are designed to take you on your inward journey back to the source of your being, to find what's waiting for you there. our methods are tried and proved through years of experiential work with hundreds of awakening souls. you already have within you all that you need to be whole; we're all just been called now to re-member why we came here and who we truly are.

So join us anytime you can and discover members of your soul family you've always known, waiting to greet you and support your next right step in coming whole! if you've read this far, your new life is already beginning.

Be conscious out there! In loving service,
Jacquelyn Small





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