A Man's Guide to Intimacy Summit

by Nancy Moonstarr, Suzanne's sister

men, . . . This Is For You!
women, . . . Please Invite and Encourage ALL the Men in Your Life to Listen

This is a series hosted by me. I WAS PRIVILEDGED to interview 21 experts focusing on men and offering secrets, tips and intimacy advice into body, mind, heart, and soul.&

The series starts on February 29, 2020 and you can:

  Press Here To Join The Series

It's complimentary, however you need to be registered to receive the interviews. If you cannot make an interview, you'll have access to it beyond the airing date.

Moving beyond #MeToo and #TimeIsUp to where men are being supported, understood and empowered to express and feel being grounded in their manhood to create fulfilling relationships.

By attending, you'll learn specific techniques, approaches, mindsets, and words that will open your heart and mind and allow creating intimacy at a whole new level. 

You're about to experience fun and really useful conversations around:

  • Vulnerabilities men feel regarding sex and performance and getting through to women.
  • The right way to be with your partner to experience the height of ecstasy.
  • How to word questions to get the maximum information from a partner.
  • Secrets that most men will never know about body intimacy.
  • Ways to fix and turn things, even anxiety into yours and your partner's heart's delight.

Please feel free to invite anyone you believe may benefit from attending.  Much love, Nancy


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