Personal Growth

The Ebb And Flow Of Creativity

By By Jacqueline Shueler

When we are feeling creative, everything just naturally flows out into a new form. There is no hesitation. At other times, we are blank; no matter how hard we try, nothing happens. Both of these experiences are vital parts of the ebb and flow of creativity. We must recognize the end of formation and the beginning of no form -- of space; the transition from doing to being. The creation dynamic is full of fruitful energy, of new form. The space dynamic is a resting, a being, a time of hidden fertility. This time is profoundly important, as it is the matrix of creativity.

Without space, form cannot be born. The end of one is the beginning of another.  While the fruits of creativity are obvious, the fruits of space lie hidden. Each of us has to find the way to the space. Choosing this path will not be easy. Everything calls out to us, demands our attention. Letting go of electronic communication is a way to start. We are constantly interrupted by our phones. During these times, we must be content to be silent, to walk in nature, to let go of all our projects. This experience may point the way to entirely new forms, forms which are totally foreign to past creations.

The ability to recognize this new direction can only occur in the space we have created for ourselves. The deeper and broader the space, the greater the possibility for creation. There is no room for rigidity or negativity in this space; it is all encompassing.

Insisting on creation at a time when we should be dormant only gives rise to frustration and disappointment, of repeating past forms. Recognizing these forms as second -- rate only creates more disillusionment; the spiral downward begins. Only the path to space will bring success. Putting a stop to production when we feel bored or unchallenged is the only way to resurrect creativity. Those who struggle with "writers block" do not understand the need for space, and the value of retreating from production. My painting teacher told me that when she was "painted out" she would take a vacation from art.  It is this retreat into the space, the void that re-fuels our creativity.

There will come a time when form begins to emerge and we will know that we are transitioning from space to form. The wordless creation of form begins naturally as a result of our own dedication to the space within.

FORM &   SPACE &   FORM &   SPACE &   FORM &   SPACE &   FORM &   SPACE &   FORM

...Jacqueline Shuler


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