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The Empowerment Of Multidimensionality

By Tiara Kumara

Everything in the universe is energy and this energy vibrates at many different speeds. 'Dimensions' are simply states of consciousness that are defined according to the rate in which they vibrate. The rate that something vibrates attracts the reality that is also vibrating at that resonance.  

For example, our Earth reality vibrates at a frequency in which energy particles are so densely compacted that things appear solid. The human senses do not generally detect anything beyond material forms.

Our dimensional awareness comes with a rigid framework of beliefs and a set of rules that are relatively inflexible due to the rate at which its coalescing thought patterns vibrate. Due to so many billions of people living from this collective thought frequency, a whole world has been created that upholds the reflections from these vibrating patterns of belief. 

The program of duality, for example, is one of the biggest perceptions that lock us into our human design. We have been conditioned since our childhood by the way we see and perceive things as being divided and incoherently disconnected.

Denser dimensional realities, like the one we live within, operate under the concepts of linearity and rationalized principles. We keep ourselves bound up by what we see with our eyes and by what we can touch, smell and hear. We are greatly limited by only considering what is logically understood. Rigid, linear existences tend to result in such experiences as conflict, disease, lack and limitation. 

To vibrate beyond this vibrational density, we are operating from a fused heart-mind intelligence and are constantly expanding our ability to see beyond the linear construct. This requires a high degree of mental and emotional stability so that we are not easily swayed or controlled by the illusion of the matter bound senses.  We are also living in the heart instead of survival based fear and shadow patterning.

In multidimensional consciousness, we live from the knowledge of our interconnectivity. Everything is regarded as equal, because all is one and the same. We understand that our beautiful human self is perfect and whole as a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic whole.

In multidimensional consciousness, we can perceive beyond the form and what the human senses are reading to the brain. We open into the higher mind and allowing that higher mind to be the dominant influence in our lives. 

Cognition comes from expanded sense perception and through a more finely tuned sensory faculty of a much higher vibration. We are attuned with and receiving from not one, but many aspects of our existence, and from many dimensions of awareness. 

When we identify and vibrate with expanded awareness, the walls of the box come down and more fluid realities reveal. We develop the ability to be aware of, and operate within, multiple dimensions simultaneously.

A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to charge 
your magnetic field. This effectively programs and qualifies 
your sphere of radiation through attention and invocation.


Keep affirming your Self every day this year as you step into this greater expression of who you really are. 

Eventually, your brain will rewire itself to the brilliant reflection that you are giving off. Your DNA and cellular biology will respond and begin creating new neural pathways for consciousness expansion. 

The more you affirm with strength and divine conviction, the better. Use your POWER OF COMMAND!!

Rise, Shine and Affirm

Affirmations of  REMEMBRANCE by Tiera Kumara


In the name of total empowerment, I acknowledge the blazing light of my true Self, burning bright within me. 

With deep gratitude, I bow to this inner Presence, allowing the full embodiment of my perfection to come forth now. 

By and through universal law, I decree:

My human biology is revealing the unimaginable brilliance of my dormant potential.

The light of grace is flooding my entire consciousness, inspiring harmony and beauty wherever I go. 

My perceptions are shifting into wholeness and acceptance, unveiling the truth of my divine nature.

Beloved Presence, please send forth the light of remembrance to penetrate deep into the mass consciousness, restoring peace to the global mind through Self-empowered union. 

Thy Will be done.   

Tiara Kumara is a spiritual teacher. You can reach her at





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