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How to Birth Your Projects and Ideas

By Christof Melchizedek

You are always creating according to your beliefs, will, emotions and thoughts.  These are stored as unique energy signatures in your personal bio-field creating an attraction point for particulates of light to be built around in the astral plane.  Once the particulates of light are formed and congeal around your energy signature, they eventually become crystallized and brought into physical manifestation.   

You are continually creating according to this process.  However, most people are simply not conscious of the bio-field they are projecting, and thus wonder why they keep themselves stuck, unable to move forward, with patterns and lessons being continuously recycled. 

To birth an idea or a creation you want to have, you need to take charge of your bio-field and emit an energy signature of the notion or creation in its highest form of feeling, without attaching to a particular outcome. 
You want to keep open all possibilities to co-create with spirit, and by setting a fixed outcome or specific goal you collapse the wave function through your attention, and thus cancel out all possibilities other than the predetermined outcome goal set by the limitation of your personality. 

In the creation process, it is much better to feel the vibration of the vision already realized.  Your feelings begin to order the particulates of light around your energy field without necessarily needing a fixed outcome.  You let go of the particular outcome and allow Source Consciousness to interact with you via synchronicity and light up a path for you to follow.   

In this way, the creation process becomes an adventure as you are interacting with the divine presence, rather than controlling from your personal will.  Indeed you can move from a forcing current to EFFORTLESS INTENTION utilizing and harnessing the quantum laws of creation. 

It is important to realize that the co-creation process arises out of this sum total of your bio field.   By being conscious and tracking your thoughts, feelings, and personal bio-field, and rewiring subconscious beliefs, you can be in conscious interaction with Source and planetary energy fields to co-create your internal experience into the external of physical form. 
The Co-creation Process

The process of birthing projects or your creations follows a very specific pathway held in your personal energy field.  It starts by being centered and in this dimension dropping in an intention.   

An intention is a much deeper level than simply a goal.  It upwells from the dimension of HARA which is contained at the deepest level of the creation process and your being.  Hara is the dimension that first emerges from the void.  The void is where all the manifested possibilities of creation exist in the existence of nothingness.  Hara is your gateway to the void and all potential, and it is in the state of Hara you hold your INTENTIONS.  Hara is a popular term in martial arts since it refers to, “The Sea of Chi,” the place where all movement and power is born, and where the center of one’s gravity and hence balance is formed. The word hara originates from Japanese martial arts, and refers to being in a neutral place of non-action before taking on an opponent.

For example you might remember when you had the intention to leave a relationship or job, but it had not yet caught up with you in the physical world.  However, at a deep level, your heart knew that your current situation was not fundamentally right for you.   

Your intention at the deepest level was for a change, however, due to patterns of fear and beliefs you held in unconscious and subconscious mind you did not immediately make a change.  Although at this level of intention you had already decided.   

Eventually, your behaviors catch up with your intentions at the subconscious level.  If you are not able to consciously evolve into the direction of your intention, the divine presence usually gives you a nudge, or if you don’t listen to your intuition a slap.  Then the situation breaks apart, and you are given with no choice but to move in the direction of your intention. 

The intention once materialized in your Hara then upwells and drops into the different levels of your human energy field.  It particulates with the spiritual levels, and then drops in the astral field (4th level of your bio-field). It is at this level in the astral realm that particulates of light begin ordering themselves around your intention and this astral level is the step of creation just before physical materialization.  From here the energy drops down to the lower levels of your bio-field and finally into the physical form of your body and external experience. 

This process can be disrupted by any internal blocks on any level of your personal bio-field.  As a result of these blockages the energy cannot move and materialize, but gets held in the astral world as unfulfilled creations.  This often leads to frustration as no matter how much you try or force things you always end up stuck at the same place, with your ideas still not formulating in the real world 

Part of the creation process is to be able to clear your bio-field to the extent that you can hold the energy of the creation undistorted in your bio-field and bring it down into physical manifestation.  The creational process requires being CLEAR and CONGRUENT with your ideas and involves dismantling old and outdated belief systems that are causing energy blockages and are preventing the materialization of the idea into form. 

Without clearing your limiting beliefs, they go onto formulating limiting Imprinted Programs.  An Imprinted program is a set way your system reacts due to the electromagnetic fields of energy interacting with your neural nets to create your outcomes.  You must clear ALL limiting Imprinted Programs that are preventing you from dropping down the intention from the higher levels of your bio-energy field. 

Steps in the Creation Process


Getting clear on your greatest intention, this should be aligned with your MISSION, or AGREEMENT you had made at a soul level before you came through the veil into the physical world.  An intention on this level is extremely powerful, and the divine presence works effortlessly with you to help you fulfil your mission.   


Imagery and visualization are the way we create our world.  We hold pictures, feelings, thoughts in varying levels in our bio-field.  For example, you keep thoughts on your third level of your field, emotions on your second level.  It is through the creative imagery or visualization process that you can build the life to these images on the astral plane and particulates of light coagulate around these held images.   

For this reason, creative imagery is a vital ingredient in the co-creation process. The ability to hold crystal clear images and feelings of your creation already manifested is critical to building out the template in the astral plane before it will drop down into materializing in the physical plane.   


Meditation, concentration and quieting the mind are key elements to being able to materialize your creations.  All of creation first stems from the unmanifested realm.  It is sitting in Hara by centering that allows you to achieve stillness in the mind and bring through your intentions.   

If your mind is busy, you are not able to distinguish between what are your personal thoughts always swimming around your head, and what is divine guidance.  It is in stillness the divine guidance and intuition come through which can help you with knowing when and what to take action on as it relates to your creation.  Centering is one of the most powerful tools you will learn as it allows you to achieve stillness and it is the dimension in which your intention is first held and the whole creation process begins.   


Once you have the INTENTION held in your Hara dimension, you need to REMOVE any Imprinted Program (IP) not aligned with that intention.  IP's are formulated from beliefs we have picked up growing up, from our ancestral lines and even from past lives that bleed over into this life and get held as holographic records in your DNA.   

Clearing anything that is not aligned is critical. Otherwise, the energy gets blocked, and the creational process interrupted.  The energy is unable to drop down into the physical dimension, and you simply cannot attract the people, situation and timelines in the first place to make anything a reality. 


Witnessing is developing self-awareness and tracking as to what is happening internally in your Mind-Body-Energy triad, since what is going on inside is soon projected into your external reality.   

So tracking your thoughts, feelings and emotional reactions are critical to ensuring that you keep yourself at the right vibrational frequency to materialize your internal creations.  Noticing when you get pulled out of your center and enter into an emotional reaction from an external event can give you insight into what wounding you have in your bio-field.   

In this way, all of your interactions with others and the world around you are simply projections of what is happening on the inside.  If someone triggers you, rather than looking at blaming them, look inside yourself to see what parts of you still hold a wound that needs clearing.   Your interactions with others can give you a mirror into what is inside of you that needs clearing. 

Witnessing and tracking your thoughts is a critical process since your thoughts drive your emotions and influence your personal vibration.  Your personal vibration directs and orders the particulates of light that begin to coagulate around your field before dropping down in the material plane.   So witness everything that happens both internally and externally and use your CLEARING TECHNIQUES to be able to keep yourself centered on your creation.   


When you can be the witness to the internal thoughts and feelings that spin around your bio-field, you will be able to track the thoughts which do not serve your creation or mission.   

If you track these, then use thought stopping, clearing and replacement techniques, you will be able to hold the focus on the particular vibration needed to allow your creation to materialize. 

Focus also means not getting distracted by other activities or opportunities that come across your path; it’s this distraction that drops the building of light particulates around your bio-field.  Focusing your attention is critical to bring life to your intention, it’s this laser beam type FOCUS that accelerates the materializing and magnetizing of your creation.  Very often this is learning what to say NO to, so you can create the space for intention to take hold and not get distracted and get pulled into other people's ideas and desires. 


ACTION is the all-important ingredient to make everything work.  However, this is not to be confused with BUSYNESS.  Busyness is simply doing a lot of activity that only seems important and is not to be confused with being productive.  Productivity is taking the RIGHT type of action, doing the things that are going to bring you YIELD for your endeavors.   

It is also important to recognize WHEN to act.  By tuning into your intuition, you will know when the field around you is ripe for harvesting your INTENTIONS you have been broadcasting out through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, images, pictures and symbols.  Once the environment in the field is heightened, THEN you can take MASSIVE ACTION into the right activity to make things happen.   

This is why you need STRATEGY that pulls everything together, a clear pathway that makes things happen.  So make sure in the creation process you put time aside for strategic thinking that will allow you to pull together the steps and sequences to make your ideas come to fruition. 

Christof Melchizedek has background degrees in psychology, physical education, and Brennan Healing Science, combined with extensive experience in the Indigenous Healing Arts. He is co-founder of The Institute of Divine Potential which has several healing certifications. Some of their lectures and courses are free. If this article has been useful and you would like to be supported in getting ALIGNED on all levels and be part of a group of LIKE MINDED beings dedicated to serving humanity and helping to build the New Earth, I will be holding an in-depth group program in early 2017 called the, DIVINE KEYS, that will help you put all this together. 






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