Personal Growth

Why Affirmations Are So Powerful

By Suzanne Harrill

My curiosity about life, wanting to understand human behavior, and desiring to solve my own problems led me to many wise teachers who showed me the way out of my limited perceptions of life. One such concept that significantly improved my experience of life was to use affirmations – positive words to counter negative conditioning. Affirmations can improve self-talk, refine beliefs, and change awareness and they did in my case with much determination through time. Affirmations are an important way to grow your world larger to include being emotionally healthy and strong.

At first I didn’t even know where the negative thoughts were so I used other teacher’s generic affirmations to positively impact me, such as, “I am worthy because I exist,” or “My life is significant and counts because I am an important part of the greater whole.” These affirmations helped me grow in valuing myself. I learned to listen to what my mind said about myself, others, and about life in general. When I heard (or hear) things that I no longer believed, I would flip it and create my own positive corrections.

For example if I wouldn’t stop self-criticism about not speaking up for myself, I would set the stage for a new outcome by talking to myself. “It’s an improvement that you noticed that you had something to say and have not spoken up. Next time you can take a risk and say something. It’s okay if you don’t do it right or perfect. It is better to express incorrectly than to feel the frustration of silence.” Then I would create some affirmations: I have the right to speak my truth even if others do not agree. I am stronger now and can express my views. I am creating adult to adult relationships with equal communication. I feel empowered when I speak up.

I am still a curious person and continue to grow my consciousness. I am learning to create my day with awareness, staying conscious and mindful often. The following affirmations were created to remind me of how to do this. May they serve you as well. Add some of your own to the list. Feel free to copy and circulate them.

Affirmations to Expand Consciousness

by Suzanne Harrill

I deep breathe often, taking in the breath of Life.

I am healthy, whole, and complete right now this moment.

I stay conscious, aware, and grounded.

I expand the boundaries of my world to include choices that please me.

I take note of my highest preferences, allowing them to guide my choices.

I am free of false perceptions.

I notice and let go when needing to control events and people to make me feel safe.

I allow people and events to move in the direction of the greater good for all.

I release control and relax into the flow of the path for my highest good.

I allow my Higher Self to direct my life.

I listen to my intuition as I take one step at a time to move in the direction of my dreams.

I allow my inner knowing to guide my choices.

I nurture and reassure my inner child/teenager/young adult when I feel threatened, fearful, unsafe, powerless, or doubt myself.

I listen to my body awareness that communicates with feelings.

I tune in and receive constant feedback about whether or not I am moving towards all that is right, true, and perfect for me.

I have the power to delete, uncreate, and destroy beliefs and perceptions that stand in the way of my highest good and that of others.

I do what is right for me which insures that what I do is right for others in my presence.

I take care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so I can live being my True Self.

I tune into myself often.

I love my Self and my Self loves me.

I live empowered, joyful, and happy because I am free of past limitations and future expectations.

I live mindfully in the NOW.

I am free to be Me.

And so it it!



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