Spiritual Growth

Gratitude for All Life

By Georgia Woodworth RScP

Walking through the nature reserve close to my home, I am stunned by how the river bed is altered.  The storms of October leave a definable mark of mayhem by destroying a mile of trail and ripping utility poles nowhere near the river from their moorings.  Most of the grasses and plant life list hard to the south.

There are now two streams of swift, cold water where prior there was but one.  The grasses for the most part are still green in spite of several hard freezes.  The willows have not yet given up all of their foliage.  Grasshoppers abound, flitting about, harvesting for this moment only.   Hidden birds call out secret messages to one another.  Squirrels are busy in the canopies of the barren cottonwoods.  Life is large under this crayola blue sky.

As I stroll, I notice tracks flowing through the sand on the path.  There is a mountain bike trail, footprints of a large cat of some sort, dog tracks and athletic shoes all pointed in the same direction.  I imagine them all running side by side.

I pluck a milkweed pod for our garden.  Though I don't see it break open, it's exploded so recently that it is hot to the touch.  I clutch it gently, warming my hand.  These rough, dingy brown pods belie the beautiful interior of diaphanous white seed-carrying clouds. 

In what at first glance looks like a wasteland, life is found to be thriving.  The creative urge of nature is surging ahead though winter is not far behind.  As Ernest Holmes says, this urge is in everything, the urge for creative expression.  I am blessed to bear solitary witness to this Inner Presence in everything.  My walk morphs into a moment of reflective meditation.  I slow down.  I remember to breath. This place and time is altering me somehow.

I am so grateful for how I am surrounded by Divine Spirit as all of Life.  I am grateful for the Inner Presence.

Affirmation:  I am grateful for the magnificence and beauty of all the life which surrounds me.  I am grateful for the Inner Presence found everywhere.

Georgia Woodworth -- thesomgirl@hotmail.com


"Every day is a god, each day is a god and holiness holds forth in time.  I worship each god, I praise each day splintered down, splintered down and wrapped in a husk, a husk of many colors spreading, at dawn fast over the mountains split. I wake in a god."
    ~Annie Dillard

" I sense my oneness with all life.  I enter into the joy of conscious union with the Infinite.  There is One Mind, this Mind of God, this Mind is my mind now."
       ~Dr Ernest Holmes






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