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What’s the Root Cause of Money Issues?

By Jeff Bauer

There is a story about a man named Jeff who asked me for help with some major money issues. He told me he tried all sorts of things to make more money:

  • Affirmations
  • Visualizing
  • Courses on the Law Of Attraction (he told me he spent hundreds of dollars just on LOA materials)
  • Subliminals

As I began working with him, I remembered back to when I had the same kind of challenges and what I learned. And how much I struggled with trying to get ahead (or in many cases just to keep up).

For an Audio Replay of this Session: Root Cause of Money Issues

The Shadow Of Money

Jeff told me had problems with money and feelings of “Not Enough” for as long as he could remember. Even when he had money flowing in - their was something that seemed to be nagging away at him on the inside. (like a shadow that follows you everywhere).

As I worked with him, I asked him why he would still be hanging on to his money issues - well into his forties.

Jeff stopped and said “I’m not sure what you mean - I’m not “hanging on” to them - I want to be free of them!”

I replied: “We only do what serves us in some way. If it’s an issue that causes us pain or suffering, we need it to help us learn something”.

The phone went silent for a moment…

Jeff replied: “Whoa - you mean…”

“…you mean that a part of me is holding on to this issue because I need to pay attention to it in some way?”

“You bet” I replied… “That’s how the subconscious works. It’s your faithful servant. It’s doing what it was programmed to do a long time ago. Now you’re beginning to become aware of that programming.”

“Wow’” Jeff said… He took a deep breath and said: “Holy &%#$ ! You mean all the pain I’ve gone through isn’t even about money then?”

“Nope” I replied - “You’re beginning to peel away the false conditioning that you bought into at a very early age - and it created an identity - in other words who you believed yourself to be because of that conditioning.

Carrying that identity around with you is like stepping on the break and the accelerator at the same time when you’re trying to move forward - you won’t get very far will you..?

“And you end of burning huge amounts of energy - right?”

“Yes” - until you let go… : - )

“But I would have never chosen to have this kind of suffering” - Jeff said.

“Hmmm - if you didn’t then who did choose it? At the Soul level, each of us comes here to experience a journey of highs AND lows. No one else chose that journey for us. The belief that someone did is called a victim mentality.”

“But why would a person choose to continue that suffering?”

“First, it’s important to understand that the choice is un-conscious. In other words, we’re not aware that we’re even making it. When we have trauma in our lives, we somehow have to deal with it.

At the time the trauma first occurred, a part of our own Self literally became disconnected in order to prevent us from ever feeling that pain ever again.

There are parts of you that are much smarter (and faster) than your conscious mind and these parts take on the trauma so youdon’t have to.

“And that’s where the problem begins?” - Jeff said.

“Exactly - once that part of you takes on the trauma to prevent you from being hurt again, it puts up a wall between you and ANY experience that it thinks is similar.

“Oh my God” - Jeff said… “ANY similar experience?”

“Yes” - I replied.

“Paul - a HUGE lightbulb just went off for me!. When I was young, I remember hearing my parents arguing about money. I was just outside the room where they were arguing. My Dad was angry and I heard my Mom crying and trying to tell my Dad something.”

“What just came to me was I thought they were arguing about me! And what just dawned on me was I formed some kind of belief at that age that age that I was bad - and I thought that money was the cause!!!”

“I never made that connection before!!!”

“How are you feeling right now” I asked.

“Wow - both tears of joy and of sadness” - this is weird…”

I asked Jeff to take several slow deep breaths and then to notice how he felt.

“Hmmm - peaceful - wow - this is so cool… I feel a huge shift from just minutes ago Paul…”

“Cool Jeff - what have you learned so far?”

“That at a very deep level - we are the ones who created our blocks - and all we need to do is tune in and really listen to how we’re feeling - the rest will take care of itself”

“Right on brother…” I said.

“What do I need to do to attract stuff now?” Jeff asked.

“What makes you feel you need to attract it” - I replied.

“Because I don’t have it yet…”

“What if you already did? - but that old conditioning is blocking your awareness of it.

“But what about the Law Of Attraction - don’t I have to attract it?”

“That false premise is what causes tremendous pain in people of all kinds. And its based on an outdated and false belief

that you’re separate from what you want.

The only separation that exists is within yourself.

Take care of that, and the rest is simple.”

The phone went silent… then Jeff said “Wow - I never knew…”

“All this time, I thought that I had to chase it, coax it, attract it… Now I know its all a sham. My mind had me believing that I wasn’t enough - and I projected that out onto my everyday life.”

“I’m just stunned Paul… - this is just awesome…Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome” - I replied.

Since that session, Jeff’s money issues have completely cleared. His company sales have doubled and he feels a peace that he didn’t know was possible.

“The Money Loop”

If you’re having money challenges, ask yourself this question:

“How does it serve me to hold on to money issues?”

Your first response may be like Jeff’s. Something like “I’m not holding on to them! - I want to be free of them!”

But your subconscious knows differently.

And it tries to tell you through how you feel.

So here’s what you can do…

Today’s Action Step

Take some time today and really be truthful with yourself - look into your attachment to your money issues - and the reason why you’d prefer to hold on to them - rather than be free of them.

Key Point

(The only reason we continue to re-experience a problem is because we need it to teach us something. When we’re done with the lesson that our problem is here to teach us, it resolves itself and you’re free to move on with your life.)

Step 1: Ask yourself “What’s good about my money issues?” In other words, “How does it serve me to hold on to them?”

Step 2: Ask: “Am I willing to let go of the old identity and the story that I’ve created about money in my life?”

Step 3: “What would my life be like completely free of this issue?”

And close your eyes, step back and breathe deeply 3-4 times…

Even if a part of you says: “I’ll never be rid of this issue”, just breathe into that feeling, and thank that part of you…

And in so doing, you’ll begin to free yourself from it.

Allow yourself to really feel your feelings and breathe into them…

For your breath IS your Spirit.

And So it is…

Aloha and Keep Your Dreams Alive,

Paul Bauer


Sometimes called “Joe-Dreamer”, Paul Bauer is a humorous and inspirational trainer, speaker and author who loves helping people find their Life’s Dreams and re-claim their Spirit. His seminars are attended by people across the world as they learn to re-discover their natural strengths and talents and how to use them for more clarity, happiness and deeper fulfillment. For Information about Paul’s Newest Program visit : Effortless Manifesting






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