Expanding Prosperity Consciousness

By Suzanne E. Harrill

There is a lot of information available today about manifesting what you desire. Some authors with helpful books are Catherine Ponder and Joe Vitale. A few years ago the movie, The Secret, sparked great interest in the law of attraction and creating what you want. Many people are mystified that they are not getting the results desired after practicing the advise from teachers sharing how to create more in your life. Money is near the top of the list when people think about increasing their prosperity. Let us look at prosperity, get in touch with your guiding beliefs related to having more abundance in your life, and learning the truth about how to really attract more of what you desire (for some less is more). We will end with an action plan to help you move forward in meeting one of your goals.

Think about the answers to the following questions. What comes to mind when you think about the meaning of prosperity. Is it the same as abundance? Is prosperity dependent on how much you have materially? When have you felt prosperous in your life? Do you now? Has it changed over time? How? For me, prosperity includes, but is more than financial well-being. It includes experiencing a sense of purpose, living a creative life connected to Source, having rich meaningful relationships, and enjoying good health, to name a few things. Some of you might be thinking, “I have all those things and do not feel prosperous,” or “I feel prosperous and one or two of the above are lacking in my life,” or "I could teach this, but still do not have enough money and do not feel prosperous." An important part of feeling prosperous is exactly that - a feeling. Pay attention to creating the feeling of prosperity as you learn to meet your goals for having what you desire for your well-being. It is different for different people. A lot depends on your state of mind and what you believe to be true regarding prosperity.

Let’s focus on one component of prosperity, your relationship with money. Choose another aspect if money is not one of your issues. Think about or write in your journal the answers to the following questions to help you identify your relationship with money, your fears, your feelings, and your beliefs. What did you learn while growing up from your mother about money? from your father, siblings, from your culture and religious teachings? What are some of your current reactions to your early conditioning around money? Are you repeating the patterns you were exposed to as a child or doing the opposite? What mistakes have you made in the past regarding money? How are you changing these patterns now?  Next, what is your greatest fear regarding money? Is your fear affecting your beliefs about money and what you currently have? How? Are they realistic fears? Do you or have you experienced over-abundance? Explain how this affected or affects you. What does your inner wisdom say as you reflect upon your answers? 

Make a list of beliefs about money that limit you, that need to be changed and updated. You may feel that people with money are people who misuse power or are dishonest, for example. There, lurking in the back of your mind is the thought, “I want to be good so I can’t have money.” Or maybe you feel unworthy and undeserving of having extra money because you criticize yourself for past mistakes and not being wise and perfect. Flip the limiting beliefs to say things, such as, “I am kind and honest and deserve money. I deserve to have abundance in my life, even though I have made mistakes. I forgive myself for past mistakes.” Write the updated beliefs on 3x5 cards and use them as affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements to say to yourself to stop negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that draw the same old limiting patterns into your life. The more you say the affirmations the faster they override the limiting ones. Place your affirmations cards around the house and each time you see one, say it to yourself, out loud if possible. Read a list of new affirmations to yourself before going to sleep at night. This helps reprogram the subconscious mind while you are sleeping. Eventually, the new ones draw new experiences into your life and change your patterns to allow more into your life.

To continue, besides changing your guiding beliefs, you have to raise your consciousness to attract more prosperity into your life. When emphasizing only one aspect of life such as the law of attraction, some think that all you have to do is figure out what you want and then presto it changes things. This is a great place to start, however, in truth we can only attract to us in direct proportion to who we currently are. As we realize more and more our wholeness and oneness with Source, we have the ability to attract more.

How do we raise our consciousness or our awareness and therefore raise our prosperity consciousness? There are many things that contribute to our expansion. Add some of your own to the following list and review this list often. Choose one or two, rather than the whole list, to focus upon each day.

1.  Awareness of your true Self and being part of the Universal All That Is, God

2.  Gratitude, go to sleep writing or thinking about several things for which you are grateful, begin your day feeling grateful 

3. Service to others, fill yourself first and practice self-care so you give from your overflow

4.  Nonjudgmental

5.  Forgiveness

6.  Harmlessness

7.  Remember who you really are, a Spiritual Being

8. Authenticity

9.  Integrity

10. Congruency between your inner and outer self

11. Self-inquiry and do the inner work to heal and know yourself

12. Grow, take positive risks, expand your horizons

13. Gifts and Talents, do what you came here to do

14.  Meditate/Pray

15.  Build Self-Esteem

16. Allow Grace into your life

15. Take action on the creative ideas you receive

Now, choose one thing that you want to explore, experience, or have in your life. If it is money, see in your mind’s eye yourself already having this abundance. What does it feel and look like to already have it?  What are three things you know you must do to move yourself off center and create this for yourself? If you do not have ideas now, ponder this and meditate upon what you must do differently to create the money. Let your intuition guide you as well as your concrete mind. When you receive insights write them down so you will make them concrete. This is your action plan for expanding your prosperity.

We have looked at ways to build abundance in your life. Remember to continually update limiting beliefs as you become aware of them. Use the updated ones as affirmations to change your inner programming. Focus on one or two things each day that will expand your consciousness. When you are aware of something you want to create, see it and feel it as if it is already true, then take small steps to making it happen.Vow to commit to this plan to bring more abundance into your life. And so it is!


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