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by John Price

"Believe"—To take as true, real— Webster. What do you believe? All you have to do is look at your life. Whatever you are experiencing is nothing more than your beliefs projected on the screen of life. If you take scarcity as true, loss as real, it will be done unto you. That's the Law of Creative Mind.

How do you change your beliefs? By moving to a higher frequency in consciousness and seeing from the Divine Perspective. This is seeing and feeling the Spirit of God, your true Self, and then seeing, feeling and believing the vision of infinite Knowing-ness. Spirit sees you supplied with overflowing abundance because that is what you are. It sees you living in wholeness and radiant health because that is what you have. It sees you experiencing great success because that is what you are being.

Most of us have tried to use spiritual law to create things for us while maintaining the same old false belief system, and wonder why prayers, affirmations and treatments didn't work. It is done unto us as we be-

lieve. Isn't it time to start believing the Truth? Isn't it time to rise above a continual focus on the material world and live in the spiritual dimension of Cause?

I've written before about Creative Mind as a mirror of our thoughts, feelings and words, always reproducing corresponding conditions in our lives. Yet on the lower plane of personal sense it can be difficult to always send the right message to this Law of Being. Ah, the roller coaster ride of peaks and valleys.

Smooth sailing in life comes from being in the Light and Love of Spirit, seeing through the vision of Spirit, and basing our beliefs only on the Truth of / AM~not the personal i am but the Divine 7 AM. I AM unfailing abundance expressing as visible form and experience in the external world. I AM wholeness and perfection expressing in mind and body. I AM love and harmony expressing in every relationship. 7 AM success expressing in all creative endeavors. That's the Voice of Truth speaking through the Knowingness of Spirit.

Dwelling in the Secret Place of the Most High, and seeing and feeling from that magnificent vantage point, life becomes uncomplicated and magnificently fruitful.

It is time for all of us to experience the Harvest.



"The fruits of life are the good things in life, everything to make your visit on this planet harmonious and loving and filled with joy.

"When our minds are directed within to the Christ, the subconscious releases its hold on negative patterns of thought and becomes receptive to the Light, Love and Life of Spirit. When the Divine Truth-this Christ Light—becomes the predominant pattern in your subconscious mind, every activity of your life will be an outpicturing of this Ideal, and you will enjoy a continuous and permanent state of joy never before experienced.

"The Power can work for you only if it can work through you. ... Your good cannot get through your consciousness unless it finds a similar vibration. It cannot move from center to circumference unless it finds something of itself in the human consciousness.

"So what is the answer? It is to unify your human consciousness with your Higher Consciousness to provide an open channel for expression.

"I choose to believe that I am more than human. I choose to believe that I am a spiritual being created in the image and likeness of God. I choose to believe that the infinite Presence and Power of the Universe has individualized as me, as the Reality of me, as my true nature. I believe that all that the Father is, I am, and all that the Father has is mine. I believe that the I AM of me is God in expression, a consciousness of power and dominion. I believe that I AM the Knowledge of Truth, therefore I AM the Faith of God made manifest. I AM Faith. I know that God knows my every need, and that it His good pleasure to restore the lost years of the locust, to straighten out every crooked place, to perfect all that concerns me, and to make all things new in my life."

"Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which animates all whom it floats, and you are without effort impelled to truth, to right and perfect contentment." — Emerson.


John Randolph Price is an internationally known lecturer and bestselling author. of eighteen nonfiction books: The Angels Within Us, Angel Energy, Living a Life of Joy, The Superbeings published by Ballantine/Random House. Published byHay House are The Abundance Book, The Alchemist's Handbook, Empowerment, The Jesus Code, The Love Book, The Meditation Book, Practical Spirituality, A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World, The Success Book, The Superbeings (trade edition), The Wellness Book, With Wings As Eagles, The Workbook for Self-Mastery (formerly titled The Planetary Commission), Removing the Masks That Bind Us, and Nothing Is Too Good To Be True. His books, published in many languages, have sold in the millions. Visit his website:

This article is republished from the Quartus Report, a monthly newsletter. John and his wife started the Quartus Foundation in 1981. The Word "Quartus" denotes the four-square aspect of each individual: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. The foundation is a research and communications organization with the stated purpose of probing the mysteries of Ageless Wisdom and integrating those interminable truths with spiritual metaphysics. By combining the dynamics of mind with the unlimited potential of universal laws, the ancient principle of energy follows thought is confirmed. With this understanding as a key, a door opens to a new philosophy of life that is both practical and rewarding.

John and Jan Price are also the founders of World Healing Day which originated on December 31, 1986 (His prayer for World Peace in reprinted in Suzanne Harrill’s affirmation book, Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself: Cultivating the Garden of Your Mind Day by Day).

To Learn more about Quartus visit their web site:






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